The Politics of United States' Africa Command [AFRICOM]

Impacts on Nigeria's Security and Strategic Development
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Victor Iwuoha
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The expanding U.S. oil demands on the Gulf of Guinea have become overwhelming. Hence, the strategic need for the U.S. to effectively sustain oil flows from the Guinean Gulf as well as surmount the existing militant threats therein are medley of events which saw to the birth of AFRICOM in October, 2008. The study unraveled that any U.S military intervention in the oil region will inversely intensify and expand militant activities to a higher proportion and also magnet some anti-U.S terrorist groups into Nigeria. This may degenerate to the destabilization of the country in which the U.S. may choose to promote balkanization for its own oil interest. Further, any presence of AFRICOM in the country will necessarily subjugate and overwhelm the national defense role of the Nigerian military, and as well, automatically warrant the relinquishment of Nigeria s military intelligence to America. In view of this, we suggested, a non-military U.S. involvement, through the redirection of the billions of US dollars, budgeted for AFRICOM s operations, towards a multidimensional development paradigm in the Niger Delta, in order to guarantee sustainable peace and business friendly environment.

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