Levels of Agricultural Development

Spatio-Temporal Variations in the Levels of Agricultural Development in Haryana
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Perhaps, never before in a comparable period of human history has there been so much concern over growing spatial variations in socio-economic conditions as during post-second world war. In India, it is painful to see that certain regions have developed in leaps and bounds, while others have lagged behind. Present study is an attempt to highlight the spatio-temporal variations in the levels of agricultural development in the state of Haryana.The Chapter-I opens up with an introductory note on the problem. Chapter-II brings forth research design and methodology. Chapter-III brings into focus the geographical profile of the study area and its relevance to agriculture. Chapter-IV & V examines the levels of agricultural development in terms of its condition, production and infrastructure & Chapter VI attempts a micro level analysis.It has been found out that although tremendous growth has taken place between the selected time periods but there are spatial variations. By interacting with the farmers during the field survey it was realized that the problem is not so much due to lack of technological inputs but more because of degradation of the natural resources like soil and water.

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