Plant Taxonomy and Systematics

Concepts ,Sources, Botanical Nomenclature, Plant Collecting And Documentation,Herbaria And Data Information systems
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Taxonomy can be broadly explained as the study of classification, its procedures, rules, bases and principles. The plants were called by their names in olden days for the sake of reference in domestic and other uses. The systematic classification may give some information about the morphology, cytology, physiology and also phylogeny of plants.As knowledge of man increased about the plants in the world there is a need of systematic approach in the grouping of plants. In accordance with the ratio of similarities and differences plants are grouped and the groups are called Taxa. Botanical names serve as symbols of a group of natural entities for the purpose of communication and data reference. The names assigned by the rules of the ICBN are known as scientific names. Plant collections are essential components of systematic research. A very valuable type of plant collection is a live specimen removed from the wild. The purpose of herbaria is both to physically contain the plant collections and to act as centers for research. A data information system refers to the organization, inputting, and accessing of information.

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