Mitt Romney - Using Technology To Spread His Vision

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Ben Wagner
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Scientific Essay from the year 2012 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Region: USA, grade: A+, Boise State University, course: Communication 466, language: English, abstract: The forces of technology are ever changing. In each of our own lives, we haveseen the transition from using the fax machine, to e-mail, to texting, and now using
Twitter and a variety of other social media outlets to give us voice and make our
messages known. We may have let many of these transitions go unnoticed over the
years, but as we stop and think about how they have affected us, or someone else, it is
remarkable to see the stark contrasts that do exist. This paper will examine the lie and
changing times of Mitt Romney, the current Front Runner in the Republican Party
Presidential Nomination process.
This paper will examine the days of Mitt's youth though adulthood and focus on
not only how his environment influenced his rearing, but also how the use of technology
changed the path of his life in Business as well as Politics. Many of the principalsexamined in this document will be easy to relate to, as many of us have experienced
personally the technological changes that will be discussed. The fast pace of
technological change has different impacts on each of us, but all of us will be able to
take some kind of appreciation from this reading and have a better understanding of the
role technology plays in our live. Both seen, as well as unseen.

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