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Tax Management and Tax Evasion

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Konrad Raczkowski
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Contents: Katarzyna Zukrowska: Taxes as challenge in globalized and open economy with intensified competition. Case study of Poland in the context of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership - Tadeusz Wascinski/Dorota Bienias: Strategic planning of public services in performance budgeting of the public finance sector's units - Konrad Raczkowski: Intellectual capital management in tax administration and country's economic growth determined by competitive taxation - Jolanta Szolno-Koguc/Malgorzata Twarowska: Transfer pricing as an instrument for tax optimization - Dominik Gajewski: Is the concept of the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base an innovative measure in the context of economic and tax-related consequences? - Ewa Latko/Urszula Zawadzka-Pak: Fiscal sustainability as the condition of economic security - Izabela Andrzejewska-Czernek: Interpreting European Union tax law: Practice of Polish tax authorities - Elzbieta Klamut: Tax management in small business entities - Poland case study - Alicja Tolwinska: Legal and organizational aspects of the control over discharge of tax obligations - Zenon Stachowiak/Bartosz Stachowiak: Institutional perception of unofficial economy in Poland - Contribution to the reflections on its positive effects - Magdalena Kowalczyk: Struggle with the tax gap in Poland - Czeslaw Jedrzejek: VAT tax fraud and its relation to the low efficiency of the Polish value added tax collection system - Jacek Bil: Legislation and case law to combat crime associated with settlement of indirect taxes in Poland.
Tax management and tax evasion represent an intrinsic element of economic turnover, an area of interest both to the institutional and to the real spheres of national economy. These problems, beyond any doubt, should become the focus of interest for all states having a common market, e.g. the European Union, or the countries which have not introduced the universally binding and which are highly susceptible to abuses in VAT tax - such as the United States. With this in mind, the authors of this volume outline the issues of managing taxes and tax evasion, with a focus on the European Union in general and Poland in particular. The choice did not come by accident, since the latter was the only EU member state which in the waning years of the still continuing economic crisis never fell into negative economic growth.

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