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Good Governance for Cultural Policy

An African-European Research about Arts and Development
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Wolfgang Schneider
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Contents: Wolfgang Schneider: Arts and Development. Parameters for a Future International Cultural Policy - Daniel Gad: The Art of Development Cooperation. Positions on the Promotion of Art and Culture in and by Developing Countries - Laurence Mayer-Robitaille: Governance for Culture. Reflections on the UNESCO/EU Expert Facility Project - Christine M. Merkel: Towards a Better Governance of Culture for Development. Mobilising Tacit Knowledge in and through UNESCO - Jesmael Mataga: Good Governance and Cultural Diversity. The Aspect of Cultural Mobility in International Cooperation - Anna Steinkamp: Network Governance. Governance Model for International Networks of Cultural Cooperation - Annika Holland: In the Meaning of Artistic, Ethnologic and Economic Sense. Implementing the UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity on Local Level - Jordi Pascual: We Need to Establish Interfaces. Connecting Local Policies for Culture and Global Frameworks - Charles Vallerand/Azadeh Lessard: Rules of Good Participatory Governance in the Allocation of Public Funds to Artists and Cultural Organisations. A Practical Guide - Lupwishi Mbuyamba: Empowering Processes. Framework for Cultural Policies in Africa - Mike van Graan: Cultural Policy Needs Good Governance. A Task for Action of Civil Society - Patrick Ebewo: Drama in South Africa. Perspectives for Cultural Policy Strategies - Jordi Baltá Portolés: Technical Assistance to Cultural Governance. About Cultural Industry Development in Niger - Jonathan Vickery/Tomi Oladepo: The Arts and Digital Media. The Question of the Public Sphere in Africa - Basma El Husseiny: The Needs to Protect the Freedom of Expression and Creativity. Restructuring the Egypt's Ministry of Culture - Serhan Ada: Implications on Governance. Theses on the Cultural Policy of Turkey - Yannick Butel: New Art Territories. A Small «h» Story - Gilles Suzanne: Sensitive and Cognitive Experimentation. Cultural Mediation of Art in the Mediterranean.
Culture is seen as a source for the development of society. Task of cultural policy is therefore to create and support structures that promote mobilization of creativity of the people and thus ensure welfare, innovation and pluralism. Such relationships have been discussed at the level of UNESCO for the past forty years. Within Germany and Europe as well as on the African continent experiences and initiatives are increasing in order to put discourse on cultural policies into practice. There is a need to provide a forum for the exchange of concepts and to identify the state of the art of theory and practice within the concepts of good governance and cultural policy. It is essential to clarify the role and the needed context of the arts, of art education and of individual artists in the development of society.

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