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Food and the Internet

Proceedings of the 20 th International Ethnological Food Research Conference, Department of Folklore and Ethnology, Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, University of Lodz, Poland, 3-6 September 2014
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Violetta Krawczyk-Wasilewska
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Contents: Patricia Lysaght: SIEF International Ethnological Food Research Group: Genesis, Aims and Progress - Violetta KrawczykWasilewska: A Global Food Tale in the Age of the Internet - Silke Bartsch/Christine Brombach/Gertrud Winkler: The Role of Internet Recipes in Cooking - Aristea Baschali/AntoniaLeda Matalas: The Comeback of Homemade Foods and the Role of the Web. The Case of Non-Alcoholic Fermented Beverages - Maja Godina Golija: When Old Meets New. The Demonstration of Traditional Slovene Dishes and Locally Produced Food on the Internet - Aleksandra Krupa-Lawrynowicz: Mushrooms: Polish Traditions and Modern Practices. Online Examples - Déirdre D'Auria/Patricia Lysaght: The Online Promotion of Irish Food as a Tourist Attraction - Manon Boulianne and Claudia Laviolette: Virtual Food Representations. An Analysis of «Local Food» Discourse in Quebec - Naoto Minami: Communication of Food Information by Means of the Internet in Contemporary Japan - Fionnuala Carson Williams: The Use of Proverbs in the Promotion of Food on the Internet - Ewa Kopczynska: Novelty with a Traditional Twist: Food Co-Operatives as Short Food Chains in the Global Network - Anna Mlekodaj: A Local Food Product and the Ethno-Future: The Online Case of Polish Mountaineers' Regional Cheese «Oscypek» - Una A. Robertson: Slow Food: Scotland - Ivanche Dimitrievski/Philippos Papadopoulos/Rodica Arpasanu: Should the Mediterranean Diet be Viewed as a Fully-Fledged Public Discourse, or as Part of a Wider Food and Wellness Narrative? An Internet-Based Study - Yrsa Lindqvist: Seasonal Food in a Virtual Basket - A Campaign for Environmental Sustainability - Astra Spalvena: Picture Me Perfect: The Aesthetics of Food in Online Photographs - Rafal Pilarek: «Cabane à Sucre» on the Internet - Rogéria Campos de Almeida Dutra: When Men go to the Kitchen: Food and Gender in Brazilian Websites - Laura Solanilla/F. Xavier Medina: Gastronomy and Social Networks: Heritage and Food Blogging in Catalonia - Magdalena Tomaszewska-Bolalek: Homo Gourmand and Homo Cooking: Two Main Culinary Tribes of the Internet Era - Anikó Báti: Cooking Know-How: Virtual and Personal Transmission of Skills. A Hungarian Example - Katarzyna OrszulakDudkowska: Food Blogs in Relation to Culinary Tradition. A Polish Example - Klaudyna Hebda: Food - Blogging - Identity: Free Expression or Lifetime Project? - Zofia Rzeznicka: Ancient and Byzantine Food and the Internet - Johanna Maria van Winter: A Database of Medieval Plant Names.
Discourses about food, especially on social media, affect the dietary choices of many people on a daily basis all over the world. In recognition of this phenomenon, the selection of 25 ethnological essays in this volume explores the effects of the digital age on post-modern food culture. It examines the influence of the Internet as a provider of a seemingly limitless flow of information and discourse about food sources, production, distribution and consumption. It also analyses the attitudes towards food in the context of ecological, environmental, ethical, health, and everyday lifestyle issues - at local, regional and global levels.

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