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Alice Munro: Reminiscence, Interpretation, Adaptation and Comparison

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Miroslawa Buchholtz
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Contents: Eugenia Sojka and Miroslawa Buchholtz: Intercultural Encounters with Alice Munro. Introduction - Daphne Marlatt: Just before... she wrote - Tomson Highway: Two Stories - Gerald Lynch: Three Encounters with Alice Munro - Lola Lemire Tostevin: A Touch of Evil in Carstairs - Kim Aubrey: A Process of Discovery: Exploring Narrative Structure and Tension in Two Short Stories by Alice Munro - Corinne Bigot: Ghost Texts, Patterns of Entrapment, and Lines of Flight: Reading Stories from Too Much Happiness and Dear Life in Connection with Earlier Stories - Alicja Piechucka: «[T]hat Embarrassed Me Considerably. As It Would Any Man»: The Masculinity Crisis in Alice Munro's Dear Life - Katarzyna Wieckowska: Adaptation in Alice Munro's Who Do You Think You Are? - Shelley Scott: Courting Johanna: Adapting Alice Munro for the Stage - Marta Sibierska: Exploration - Adaptation: Towards Redefining the Relation between Literature and Film. The Case of Hateship Loveship - George Elliott Clarke: Alice Munro's Black Bottom; or Black Tints and Euro Hints in Lives of Girls and Women - Malgorzata Poks: Impossible Escape from Jubilee and Winesburg: The Making of an Artist - Agnieszka Salska: Place in Fiction: Alice Munro, Eudora Welty and the Tradition of American Small-town Stories - Miroslawa Buchholtz: The Canadian Junction: Mavis Gallant's and Alice Munro's Narrative Practice.
Canadian writer Alice Munro is the 2013 Nobel Laureate in Literature. This collection of essays by authors from Poland, Canada and France presents an intercultural perspective on her work and a new approach to Munro's art of short story writing. It offers literary interpretation of the genre, critical perspectives on film and stage adaptations of her work, comparative analysis to the writings of Mavis Gallant and Eudora Welty, exclusive reminiscences of encounters with Alice Munro by Canadian writers Tomson Highway and Daphne Marlatt, and a unique African-Canadian perspective on Munro's work by George Elliott Clarke.

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