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Notions of the Aesthetic and of Aesthetics

Essays on Art, Aesthetics, and Culture
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Lars-Olof Ahlberg
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Contents: Art and aesthetics: Analytic aesthetics - The Invention of Modern Aesthetics - Notions of Aesthetics - «The Aesthetic Turn» - Bourdieu's Critrique of Aesthetics - Music, Literature, and Painting: Form and Content - Formalism in Music - Literature and Value - Heidegger and the Essence of Art - Modernity/Postmodernity and Culture: Postmodernism and History - The Lyotardian Sublime - Scientism - Humanism, and the Humanities.
The essays in the first part of this book, «Art and Aesthetics», are devoted to the invention and development of aesthetics as a discipline. The essays' topics range from the nature of analytic aesthetics and the invention of modern aesthetics to notions of the aesthetic and of aesthetics. Further study in this part explores the «aesthetic turn», Bourdieu's critique of aesthetics and understanding and appreciating art. The second part, «Music, Literature, and Painting», deals with questions of form and content, musical formalism, Susanne Langer's theory of music as well as with the analogy between ornament and music and the values of literature. In addition, there is an essay on «Northern Light and Darkness in Music and Painting». The third part, «Heidegger and the Essence of Art», is devoted to Heidegger's philosophy of art, in particular to the role he assigns to van Gogh and Hölderlin. And in the fourth and final part, «Modernity/Postmodernity and Culture», postmodern conceptions of history and Lyotard's theory of the postmodern sublime are discussed, and in the last essay the challenge of evolutionary psychology to the humanities is addressed.

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