The Social Market Economy
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The Social Market Economy

Theory and Ethics of the Economic Order
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Peter Koslowski
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Preface PETER KOSLOWSKI, Introduction: The Social Market Economy and the Varieties of Capitalism PART A: SOCIAL MARKET ECONOMY. CONTEMPORARY ANALYSIS AND THEORY. SECTION I: THE THEORY OF THE ECONOMIC ORDER CHRISTIAN WATRIN, The Social Market Economy: The Main Ideas and Their Influence on Economic Policy - KONSTANTIN S. PIGROV, The Idea of Economic Order in Contemporary Russia - MANFRED E. STREIT, Has the Market Economy Still a Chance? On the Lack of a Disciplining Challenge - SERGEY A. NIKOLSKY, The Chances for Economic Order in Post-Soviet Russia - PETER KOSLOWSKI, The Social Market Economy: Social Equilibration of Capitalism and Consideration of the Totality of the Economic Order. Notes on Alfred Müller-Armack SECTION II: THE ETHICS OF THE ECONOMIC ORDER SVETLANA V. SIMONOVA, The Ethics of Business in Russia - VLADIMIR V. BIBIKHIN, One's Own Proper. What is Property in its Essence? SECTION III: THE REPERSONALISATION OF SOCIALIZED PROPERTY WOLF-DIETER PLESSING, Privatisation in the New Lands of the Former German Democratic Republic - ALEXANDER I. LIAKIN, Reprivatisation and Economic Transformation in the Countries of the Former Soviet Union SECTION IV: THE PRIVATISATION OF THE AGRICULTURAL SECTOR SILKE STAHL, Independent Family Farms Versus Hierarchical Forms of Organisation. Spontaneous Emergence of Property Rights Structures in Russian Agriculture - EVGENI F. SHEPELEV, Russian Law and Land Privatisation SECTION V: THE ECONOMIC ORDER IN PRIVATE AND IN PUBLIC LAW BORIS V. MARKOV, Law and Economic Order in the Structures of Russian Everyday Life - KNUT WOLFGANG NÖRR, A Symbiosis with Reserve: Social Market Economy and Legal Order in Germany PART B: SOCIAL MARKET ECONOMY. FOUR BASIC TEXTS SECTION I: THE THEORY OF ECONOMIC ORDER ALFRED MüLLER-ARMACK, The Principles of the Social Market Economy (1965) SECTION II: THE ETHICS OF THE ECONOMIC ORDER OTTO SCHLECHT, The Ethical Content of the Social MarketEconomy (1988) SECTION III: ATTEMPTS TO FORM A BROADER BASIS FOR THE OWNERSHIP OF THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION IN THE SOCIAL MARKET ECONOMY OSWALD VON NELL-BREUNING S.J., The Formation of Private Property in the Hands of Workers (1956) SECTION IV: THE THEORY OF COMPETITION ERNST JOACHIM MESTMÄCKER, The Role of Competition in a Liberal Society (1979) ANATOLY A. SOBCHAK, A Message of Greeting List of Authors and Discussants Index of Names
The volume at hand publishes the proceedings of the conference "Social Market Economy. Theory and Ethics of the Economic Order in Russia and Germany", held at St. Petersburg, Russia, on February 16-18th, 1996, to gether with four basic texts. The conference was organized by the Centrum fur Ethische Okonomie und Wirtschaftskultur des Forschungsinstituts fur Philosophie Hannover, Hannover, Germany, in collaboration with Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, st. Petersburg, Russia, and with the support of EAST I WEST I PHILOSOPHY. A Project of the Forschungsinstitut fur Philosophie Hannover. Three of the four older texts have been translated from the German lan guage for this volume. They are published here for the first time in English. The editor wishes to thank Professor Larisa A. Gromova and Professor Victoria A. Pogosian, both of Herzen State Pedagogical University of Rus sia, St. Petersburg, for their assistance in organizing the conference meetings at St. Petersburg and Professor Victoria A. Pogosian and Professor Vladimir S. Avtonomov, Moscow, for thei~ assistance in preparing the manuscript.