Intracranial Pressure V

Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Intracranial Pressure, Held at Tokyo, Japan, May 30 - June 3, 1982
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Special Seminar.- ICP Revisited.- Sympathetic Nervous Control of CSF Production in Normal and Hydrocephalic Animals, and Its Relationship to Cerebral Blood Volume and Intracranial Pressure.- New Trends for the Evaluation of Experimental Brain Edema.- Significance and Management of Intracranial Hypertension in Head Injury.- CT, NMR, and Emission Tomography in the Diagnosis and Management of Brain Swelling and Intracranial Hypertension.- The Saga of the Monro-Kellie Doctrine.- Session A: Methodology.- Critical Study of the Coplanarity. The Dura Mater as Measurement Interface of the Intracranial Pressure (ICP) by the Epidural Method.- Epidural Intracranial Pressure Monitoring: A New Method.- An Indwelling Epidural Pressure Sensor with Integrated Circuits for Biotelemetry.- ICP Measurement of Hydrostatic Pressure Balance Method.- Intracranial Pressure Monitoring by Fiber Optic Technique.- Experimental and Clinical Experience with a New Solid State Intracranial Pressure Monitor with In Vivo Zero Capability.- A Simple Clinical ICP Meter.- Clinical Comparison of Intracranial Pressure Measurements Provided by Subdural Screws and Ventricular Catheters.- ICP-Monitoring in the Middle Cranial Fossa. A Comparison Between the Intraventricular Method and the Introduction of a Catheter Tip Transducer into the Parasellar Cistern via the Foramen Ovale.- Characteristics of a New ICP Monitoring Device.- Accurate Intracranial Pressure Monitoring.- Chronic Monitoring of Intraventricular Pressure in Children Using Telemetry: Engineering and Physiologic Aspects.- Experiences with a New Telemetric Pressure Meter.- Usefulness of ICP Histogram and ICP Histogram Array in ICP Monitoring.- ICP Monitoring Combined with the Spectrum Analysis of EEG.- Computerized Monitoring of ICP.- Prediction of ICP and Pressure Wave Discrimination with Our Intelligent Monitor System (IMNIC-1).- Automatic ICP Controller: A New Device.- Automated Cerebral Perfusion Pressure Control: A Preliminary Report.- Session B: Pulse Wave.- CSF-Dynamics: Integration of Pulsatory Components and Autoregulation into a Mathematical Model.- Starling Resistor as a Model of the Cerebrovascular Bed.- CSF Pulse Wave, ICP, and Autoregulation.- Computer-Analysis of ICP-Modulations: Clinical Significance and Prediction of ICP-Dynamics.- The CSF Pulse Pressure as Indicator of Intracranial Elastance: The Role of the Pulsatile Changes in Cerebral Blood Volume.- ICP - Some Observations.- Analysis of the Pulse Waveform of ICP in Cases with Congenital Heart Disease.- Analysis of CSF Pulse Wave of Cats.- Conduction Time of the Pulse Through the Brain with Increased Intracranial Pressure.- Changes of Epidural Pulse Waveform in Increased Intracranial Pressure.- Session C: Pressure-Volume Study.- New Aspects of Cerebrospinal Fluid Circulation Models with Emphasis on the Stability of the Model Parameters.- An Automated Method of Measurement of Intracranial Mechanical Properties.- The Calculation of Brain Elastic Response Parameters in Vivo.- The Effects of Cortical Cold Lesion on the Intracranial Pressure-Volume Relationship of Brain ElastiCity.- Pressure Volume Changes in Isobaric Brain Impaction.- The CSF Volume/Pressure Relationship in Man.- Pressure-Volume Diagram, Pulse Amplitude and Intracranial Pulse Volume. Analysis and Significance.- Does "Cortisol Ejection" Disturb PSDICP During CPERT Test?.- ICP/CPP Measurements and Analysis of the Cerebral Elastance Curve with a Microcomputerized System for Neurosurgical Intensive Care.- Brain Elastic Parameters and Cerebral Hemodynamics in Hemorrhagic Hypotension.- Comparison of Bolus and Constant Infusion Techniques for Determining the Resistance of the Absorption of CSF.- The Effect of Craniectomy on the Intracranial Pressure-Volume Relationship and Its Rlevance to the Syndrome of Shunt Dependent Ventricles.- Session D: ICP Oscillation (Cerebrovascular Aspect).- Plateau Wave Etiology.- The Etiology of Plateau Waves: ...
This volume contains papers presented at the Fifth International Symposium on Intra cranial Pressure held on May 30-June 3,1982, in Tokyo, Japan. The Symposium has continued to grow since it began in 1972, and this year it was comprised 121 oral and 46 poster presentations. This considerable number was chosen from the more than 216 abstracts that were received, which made the selection process very difficult. We would like to thank the Program Committee for their efforts. One hundred and fifty-one of the manuscripts are printed here. The classic papers, short communications, and the presentations for the poster sessions here appear together under their appropriate topic heading. There were eleven sessions which spanned the most basic scientific descriptions of ICP dynamics to the most recent clinical advances and debate. Also included are the seven special seminars given by the invited speakers. These spe cial seminars were an innovation at this symposium as a means of reviewing the major aspects and history and of projecting the future directions of this expanding field. The organizers wish to thank the Advisory Committee for their guidance and focus, and to express their appreciation to everyone who contributed to the success of this meeting - to the Chairmen and Co-chairmen, to all of the members and participants, and not least of all to our executive staff who worked behind the scenes. We also wish to acknowledge our gratitude to Springer-Verlag for their technical aid and for their prompt publication of this volume.

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