Applied Ecology and Human Dimensions in Biological Conservation
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Applied Ecology and Human Dimensions in Biological Conservation

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Luciano M Verdade
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Part I. Concepts
1 Redirections in Conservation Biology

Luciano M. Verdade, Carlos I. Piña, and Maria Carolina Lyra-Jorge

2 Historical Ecology and the Explanation of Diversity: Amazonian Case Studies

William Balée

3 Phylogenetic diversity and the sustainable use of biodiversity

Daniel P. Faith and Laura Jo Pollock

4 Adaptation and Evolution in Changing Environments

Luiz Miguel Rosalino, Maria Carolina Lyra-Jorge, and Luciano M. Verdade

5 Biodiversity loss and infectious diseases

Kevin D. Lafferty

6 The conservation value of agricultural landscapes

Luciano M. Verdade, Marli Penteado, Carla Gheler-Costa, Graziella Dotta, Luis Miguel Rosalino, Vânia Regina Pivello, Carlos I. Piña, and Maria Carolina Lyra-Jorge

Part II. Innovation
7 The use of molecular tools in ecological studies of mammalian carnivores

Francisco Palomares and Begoña Adrados

8 The Role of Abundance Estimates in Conservation Decision-Making

James D. Nichols

9 Wildlife surveys in agricultural landscapes: Terrestrial medium- to large-sized mammals

Maria Carolina Lyra-Jorge, Carla Gheler-Costa, Carlos Ignacio Piña, Luiz Miguel Rosalino, and Luciano M. Verdade

10 Point Counts Method for Bird Surveys in Agroecosystems of the State of São Paulo, Southeastern Brazil

Marli Penteado, Wesley R. Silva, and Luciano M. Verdade

11 The use of stable isotopes analyses in wildlife studies

Thiago S. Marques, Neliton R.F. Lara, Plínio B. Camargo, Luciano M. Verdade, and Luiz A. Martinelli

Part III. Governance

12 Multi-taxa surveys: integrating ecosystem processes and user demands

William E. Magnusson, Ben Lawson, Fabricio Baccaro, Carolina Volkmer de Castilho, J. Guy Castley, Flavia Costa, Debora P. Drucker, Elizabeth Franklin, Albertina P. Lima, Regina Luizão, Fernando Mendonça, Flávia Pezzini, Juliana Schietti, José Julio Toledo, Ana Tourinho, Luciano M. Verdade, and Jean-Marc Hero

13 Who's in conflict with whom? Human dimensions of the conflicts involving wildlife.

Silvio Marchini

14 BIOTA/FAPESP - The Biodiversity Virtual Institute: translating research on biodiversity and ecosystem services into policies in a megadiverse country.

Carlos A. Joly
This book provides both the conceptual basis and technological tools that are necessary to identify and solve problems related to biodiversity governance. The authors discuss intriguing evolutionary questions, which involve the sometimes surprising adaptive capacity of certain organisms to dwell in altered and/or changing environments that apparently lost most of their structure and functionality. Space and time heterogeneities are considered in order to understand the patterns of distribution and abundance of species and the various processes that mold them. The book also discusses at which level-from genes to the landscape, including individuals, populations, communities, and ecosystems-men should intervene in nature in order to prevent the loss of biodiversity.