Molecular Diagnostics for Dermatology
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Molecular Diagnostics for Dermatology

Practical Applications of Molecular Testing for the Diagnosis and Management of the Dermatology Patient
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Gregory A. Hosler
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This user-friendly source of up-to-date information on a rapidly expanding field emphasizes the practical applications of molecular testing in the diagnosis and management of dermatological conditions. It features detailed guidance on test interpretation.

Introduction.- Terms and Definitions.- Basics of Molecular Biology and Nucleic Acids.- Principles of the Molecular Basis for Disease.- Molecular Testing Methods.- PCR and PCR-based Assays.- In situ Hybridization.- FISH and Cytogenetics.- Comparative Genomic Hybridization.- Microarray Analysis .- Melanoma.- Cutaneous Lymphoma and Leukemia Cutis.- Soft Tissue tumors.- Genodermatoses.- Infectious Disease.- Viral.- Bacterial and Mycobacterial.- Fungi and Parasites.- Emerging Molecular Applications in Dermatology.- Pharmacogenetics/Pharmacogenomics.- Theranostics.
Molecular diagnostics is an exploding field, and recent advances in our understanding of the molecular basis of disease have provided a platform for the development of new diagnostic tests as well as tests to predict tumor behavior and potential response to targeted therapy. This textbook provides a reference and practical guide to molecular diagnostics for dermatologists and dermatopathologists. It outlines our current understanding of the molecular underpinnings of dermatologic disease, describes the appropriate use of currently available molecular tests, and explains the interpretation of these tests in the context of diagnosis and management. Tests relating to various disorders are covered, including but not confined to melanoma, genodermatoses, and infectious disease. Pitfalls are highlighted and user-friendly algorithmic approaches, presented.

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