European Instructional Lectures
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European Instructional Lectures

Volume 14, 2014, 15th EFORT Congress, London, United Kingdom
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George Bentley
European Instructional Course Lectures
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Bone Healing: Diamond Concept.- The dangers of Peri-operative Smoking.- Indications for Vacuum Assisted Wound Closure - When, Where And Why?- Sarcopenia and Osteoporosis: The Basics - What Orthopaedic Surgeons Should Know.- Can We Improve Early Implant Fixation? Do We Need It?- Management of Infected Total Joint Arthroplasty.- Diagnostic Strategy for Bone Tumors.- Early Total Care versus Damage Control: Evidence Based.- Acute Management of Traumatic Bone Defect in the Lower Limb.- Fragility Fractures in Children.- New Trends in the Management of Infection in Children.- Diagnose and Treatment of Upper Cervical Trauma in Elderly.- Spinal Stenosis - the Gold Standard of Surgical Treatment: What Is It?- Periprosthetic Fractures in the Upper Limb.- Patients Safety in Fast-track Treatment in Total Hip and Knee Replacement.- Knee Dislocation.- Meniscal Sutures.- Revision of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction.- Treatment of Achilles Chronic Tendinopathies.- Persistent Pain after Ankle Sprain.
This fourteenth volume in the EUROPEAN INSTRUCTIONAL LECTURES series continues the format of educational chapters from across Orthopaedics and Traumatology contributed by distinguished Orthopaedic Educators in Europe. It provides current material and major advances covering a range of topics including: General Orthopaedics, Basic Science and Technology, Musculo-skeletal Tumours, Infections, Paediatric Orthopaedics, Trauma, Spine, Upper Limb, Hip, Knee, Leg, Ankle and Foot. All the chapters are based on lectures presented at the 15th EFORT Congress in London, England. The lectures are an authoritative source of information illustrated by radiographs, MRI, CT and PET Scans, operative photographs, tables and line drawings as appropriate. They are an invaluable source of instruction for Surgeons and Trainees alike. This book was edited by Professor George Bentley, Chairman, Scientific Publications Committee of EFORT.

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