19th European Solid State Device Research Conference, Berlin
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Anton Heuberger
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'GaAs electronic devices.- Deep submicron dry etching.- Characterization of hot carrier trapping in the gate oxide of MOSFETs.- The use of boron doped polysilicon in PMOS devices.- Semiconductor device fabrication with high energy ion implantation.- A self-aligned gate definition process with sub-micron gaps.- Novel submicron processes for shallow p+-n junctions.- Enhanced process window for BPSG flow in a salicide process using an LPCVD nitride cap layer.- Silicon oxidation rate dependence on dopant pile-up.- Beryllium and manganese diffusion in Ga0.47In0.53As during MBE-growth.- Quality and applications of In(Ga)AIAs-layers.- On the high-frequency behaviour of ohmic contacts.- Assessment of semi-insulating InP:Fe layers for substrate applications.- Investigation on p-buried GaAs MESFETs.- An InGaAs/GaAs strained superlattice MSM photodiode for fast light detection at 1.3?m.- Scaling-down of submicrometer GaAs MESFETs.- The mobility model in MINIMOS.- MESFET analysis with MINIMOS.- Numerical analysis of breakdown in silicon diodes.- A new algorithm to accelerate convergence in the simulation of semiconductor devices.- Narrow-width effects in submicron MOS ICs.- Simulation of parasitic currents and other effects in narrow channel devices.- 3D simulation of parasitic effects in EPROM cells.- Requirements for device and process modelling of submicron devices.- Geometry dependent bird's beak formation for submicron LOCOS isolation.- Combination of LOCOS and BOX isolation for submicron CMOS technology.- Impact of oxide thinning at the LOCOS edge of MOS capacitors on constant current stress.- A self-aligned isolation oxide process before gate formation for enhanced packing density of megabit DRAMs.- Field isolation using shallow trenches for submicron CMOStechnology.- High performance submicron SILO process for high density EPROM memories using rapid thermal nitridation of silicon.- High speed BICMOS technology with emitter-base self-aligned structure.- Ohmic contacts to n-type GaAs using GeMoW metallization for self aligned processing.- Reliable, high temperature stable Schottky contacts to GaAs based on LaB6 diffusion barriers.- GaAs/InAs heterostructures grown by atomic layer epitaxy.- High temperature LPCVD of dielectrics on III-V substrates for device application.- Short-time diffusion of zinc into InP and InGaAsP from spin-on films.- Schottky barrier enhanoement on InP using pseudomorphic GaInP MBE layers.- Control of the Si3N4 InGaAs interfaces by constant capacitance transients.- Simulation of ion implantation into multilayer structures.- Simulation of the lateral spread of implanted ions: experiments.- The modeling and simulation of reactive ion etching rate using statistical method.- Two-dimensional aspects of ion enhanced reactive etching of silicon with SF6.- A yield modelling system for NMOS and CMOS IC.- Calculation of bipolar transistor base resistance using finite element method.- Efficient integration of device and circuit simulation.- Dopant activation and defect annihilation of heavily doped arsenic implanted silicon layers.- Self-aligned CoSi2 in a submicron CMOS process.- Reduction of titanium silicide degradation during boro-phosphosilicate glass reflow.- Shallow junctions fabrication by using molibdenum silicide and rapid thermal annealing.- A study of ultra shallow junctions by diffusion from self-aligned silicides.- The outdiffusion of boron and arsenic from pre-formed cobalt disilicide layers.- Ion-beam mixed MoSi2 layers: formation and contact properties.- An investigation into the parasitic effects affecting the operation of HEMT-based ICs.- Automated measurement of the bias dependence of low frequency small-signal parameter dispersions in GaAs MESFETs.- High speed Ga0.47In0.53As MISFETs grown by metal organic vapor phase epitaxy.- A resonant tunneling high electron mobility transistor.- Implanted-collector
The conference ESSDERC '89 held in September 1989 in Berlin was concerned with the physics, electrical characteristics, reliability and processing of solid state devices and electronic materials. The proceedings contain all invited and contributed papers of the conference and thus becomes a state-of-the-art-report of solid state device research in Europe 1989.

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