Mineral Deposits within the European Community

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Jean Boissonnas
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I Tungsten (Tin, Lithium, Molybdenum, Tantalum).- Metallogenic W and Sn Granites: Genesis and Main Distinguishing Features.- Fluid Inclusion Volatiles as a Guide to Tungsten Deposits, Southwest England: Application to Other Sn-W Provinces in Western Europe.- Geochemical and Isotope (H, C, O, S) Studies of Barren and Tungsten-Bearing Skarns of the French Pyrenees.- Petrochemical and 18O/16O Characteristics of W-Skarn Associated and W-Barren Granitoids in the (E-) Pyrenees and NW Portugal.- Ore Controls for the Salau Scheelite Deposit (Ariege, France): Evolution of Ideas and Present State of Knowledge.- Distribution of Scheelite in Magnesian Skarns at Traversella (Piemontese Alps, Italy) and Costabonne (Eastern Pyrenees, France): Nature of the Associated Magmatism and Influence of Fluid Composition.- Assessment of Mineralogical Influences on the Element Mobility in the W-Sn Enriched Granite of Regoufe and Its Derivatives (Portugal) by Means of XRF Analysis of Unpolished Rock Sections.- The Recording of Fluid Phases Through REE Contents in Hydrothermal Minerals. A Case Study: Apatites from the Meymac Tungsten District (French Massif Central).- Genesis of Scheelite-Bearing Calcsilicate Gneisses in the Tanneron Massif (Var, France).- Scheelite-Bearing Metalliferous Sequences of the Peloritani Mountains, Northeastern-Sicily (with Some Remarks on Tungsten Metallogenesis in the Calabrian- Peloritan-Arc).- Controls on the Occurrence and Distribution of Tungsten and Lithium Deposits on the Southeast Margin of the Leinster Granite, Ireland.- Geology and Geotectonic Setting of Cratonic Porphyry Molybdenum Deposits in the North Atlantic Region.- Niobium-Tantalum Mineralisation in the Motzfeldt Centre of the Igaliko Nepheline Syenite Complex, South Greenland.- II Chromite and Platinum-Group Elements.- Structural Controls on the Location and Form of the Vourinos Chromite Deposits.- Comparative Study of Chromite Deposits from Troodos, Vourinos, North Oman and New Caledonia Ophiolites.- The Shetland Ophiolite: Evidence for a Supra-Subduction Zone Origin and Implications for Platinum-Group Element Mineralization.- Experimental Evidence on the Formation and Mineralogy of Platinum and Palladium ore Deposits.- III Base Metals, Phosphates, Placer Minerals.- Metallogenic Models and Exploration Criteria for Buried Carbonate-Hosted Ore Deposits: Results of a Multidisciplinary Study in Eastern England.- Structural Studies and Multidata Correlation of Mineralization in Central Ireland.- Lithogeochemical Investigations in the Navan Area, Ireland.- Lithogeochemistry, Its Applicability to Base Metal Exploration in a Carbonate Environment.- Light Hydrocarbon Gases and Mineralization.- Metallogenesis and Geodynamic Context in the Lower-Middle Cambrian of Montagne Noire (France) and Sardinia (Italy).- Various Types of Cambrian Carbonate Hosted Zn-Pb Mineralization in the Northern Montagne Noire, Massif Central, France. Ages and Mechanisms of Concentration.- Isotopic (Sr, C, O, and S) Tracing of Diagenetic Ore Formation in Carbonate-Hosted Ore Deposits Illustrated on the F-(Pb-Zn) Deposits in the Alpujarrides, Spain and the San Vicente Zn-Pb Mine, Peru.- Strata-Bound Mineralizations in the Carnic Alps/Italy.- The Geological Setting of Base Metal Mineralisation in the Rhodope Region, Northern Greece.- Late Cretaceous Phosphate Stratiform Deposits of the Mons Basin (Belgium).- Mineral Concentrations in the Recent Sediments Off Eastern Macedonia, Northern Greece: Geological and Geochemical Considerations.
Results of selected projects on Exploration R & D, one of the major research areas implemented by the Commission of European Communities in Brussels on the subject of mineral raw materials, are presented on an international basis. All aspects of the geology and geochemistry of ore deposits and their host rocks are covered. Main headings are according to commodity, i.e. tungsten, chromite, and base metals, rather than by scientific criteria. The scope and subject matter varies from the metallogenic province to the individual deposit. The question of possible application to exploration methodology is explored in several papers. Particularly structural and geochemical techniques are discussed.