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Financial Supervision in the 21st Century

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A. Joanne Kellermann
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This book surveys changes in supervision methods and organizations since the financial crisis. Exploring such concepts as conduct and culture, governance and business models of institutions, it discusses good supervision and what is expected of supervisors.
Good Supervision and its Limits in the Post-Lehman Era.- Managing the Quality of Financial Supervision.- The Case for Analytical Supervision - A Swedish Perspective.- Unintended Consequences of Supervision.- Influence and Incentives in Financial Institution Supervision.- Developments in Supervisory Enforcement.- Supervising in Good Times and Bad: Public Opinion and Consistency of Supervisory Approach.- Board Evaluations.- External and Internal Supervision: How to Make it Work?.- DNB Supervision of Conduct and Culture.- How Can Principles-based Regulation Contribute to Good Supervision?.- Experiences with the Dutch Twin Peaks Model: Lessons for Europe.- Aligning Macro- and Microprudential Supervision.- Supervision: Looking Ahead to the Next Decade.
The financial crisis prompted financial supervisors to take a critical look at their own performance. The "toolkit" available to supervisors is considerably more varied than it was a few years ago.  Supervision has become more forward-looking, taking into account also soft controls, such as 'conduct and culture', corporate governance, and business models of financial institutions. This collection of essays discusses several significant changes in supervision methods and supervisory organisations and examines what methods contribute to 'good supervision' and what can reasonably be expected of supervisors. The authors are experts in the field and most of them are affiliated to organisations responsible for financial supervision.

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