Contrast Media
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Contrast Media

Safety Issues and ESUR Guidelines
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Henrik Thomsen
Medical Radiology
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The third edition of this book includes new material on pediatric issues and practical aspects of off-label contrast media. Also covers safety issues involving iodine-based contrast media, gadolinium-based media, microbubbles for ultrasound and barium sulfate.
General Issues: Classification and Terminology.- Requests for Imaging using contrast agents: What information must be provided.- Off-label use of medicines: legal aspects.- Off-label use of contrast media: practical aspects.- Pharmacovigilance: When to report adverse reactions to contrast media.- What is required to get the authorities to approve a new contrast medium?.- A critical review of meta-analysis of adverse events after contrast media.- Iodine- and Gadolinium-Based Contrast Media: General Adverse Reactions: Acute adverse reactions to contrast media: Mechanisms and prevention.- Iodine-based contrast medium temperature and adverse reactions.- Management of acute adverse reactions to  contrast media.- Renal Adverse reactions:  Chronic kidney disease, serum creatinine and estimated glomerular  filtration rate (eGFR).- Contrast medium-induced nephropathy.- Dialysis and contrast media.- Other adverse effects: Pregnancy and lactation: intravascular use of contrast media.- Pheochromocytoma and contrast media.- Contrast media and interactions with other drugs and clinical tests.- Contrast media extravasation injury.- Iodine-based contrast media: Late adverse reactions to iodine-based contrast media.- Effects of iodine-based contrast media on blood and endothelium.- Effects of iodine-based contrast media on thyroid function.- Pulmonary effects of iodine-based contrast media.- MR contrast media: Gadolinium chelates and stability.- Diagnostic efficacy of gadolinium-based contrast media.- Radiography with gadolinium-based contrast media.- Acute adverse reactions to gadolinium-based contrast media.- Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis and gadolinium- based contrast media.- Organ specific gadolinium-based contrast media.- Ultrasonographic Contrast media.- Barium Preparations: Barium preparations: safety issues.- Pediatric use of Contrast Media: Contrast media use in pediatrics: Safety issues.- Appendix: ESUR Guidelines on Contrast Media Version 8.1.- Official publications from the Contrast Media Safety Committee of the European Society of Urogenital Radiology.
This is the third edition of a very successful book that originally emerged from the work of a committee set up by the European Society of Urogenital Radiology in 1994 to consider the safety of contrast media used for diagnostic imaging. The new edition not only fully updates the previous edition, but also includes new chapters on complex topics such as pediatric issues and practical aspects of off-label contrast media use. Comprehensive consideration is given to the many different safety issues relating to iodine-based contrast media, gadolinium-based contrast media, microbubbles for ultrasound, and barium sulfate. The text includes chapters on both acute and delayed non-renal adverse reactions and on renal adverse reactions. All of the questions frequently raised in radiological practice are addressed. This book, presented in a handy, easy-to-use format, provides an invaluable, unique, and unparalleled source of information.

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