Domain Engineering
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Domain Engineering

Product Lines, Languages, and Conceptual Models
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Iris Reinhartz-Berger
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This book covers all important technological aspects, including software product lines, domain-specific languages, conceptual modeling, and knowledge engineering. It introduces novel approaches and techniques.
Separating Concerns in Feature Models: Retrospective and Support for Multi-Views.- A Survey of Feature Location Techniques.- Modeling real-time design patterns with the UML-RTDP profile.- When Aspect-Orientation meets Software Product Line Engineering.- Utilizing Application Frameworks: a Domain Engineering Approach.- Domain-Specific Modeling Languages - Requirements Analysis and Design Guidelines.- Domain specific languages and standardization: Friends or foes?.- Domain Engineering for Software Tools.- Modeling a Model Transformation Language.- A Reconciliation Framework to Support Cooperative Work with DSM.- Model Oriented Domain Analysis & Engineering.- Multi-Level Meta-modeling to Underpin the Abstract and Concrete Syntax for Domain Specific Modelling Languages.- Ontology-Based Evaluation and Design of Visual Conceptual Modeling Languages.- Automating the Interoperability of Conceptual Models in Specific Development Domains.- Domain & Model Driven Geographic Database Design.
Domain engineering is a set of activities intended to develop, maintain, and manage the creation and evolution of an area of knowledge suitable for processing by a range of software systems.  It is of considerable practical significance, as it provides methods and techniques that help reduce time-to-market, development costs, and project risks on one hand, and helps improve system quality and performance on a consistent basis on the other.

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