Sustainability in Energy and Buildings
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Sustainability in Energy and Buildings

Proceedings of the 4th International Conference in Sustainability in Energy and Buildings (SEB´12)
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Anne Hakansson
22, Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies
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Transformational Role of Lochiel Park Green Village.- Evaluation and Validation of an Electrical Model of Photovoltaic Module based on Manufacturer Measurement.- Evolution of environmental sustainability for timber and steel construction.- Using the energy signature method to estimate the effective U-value of buildings.- Two Case Studies in Energy Efficient Renovation of Multi-family Housing; Explaining Robustness as a Characteristic to Assess Long-term Sustainability.- Exploring the Courtyard Microclimate through an Example of Anatolian Seljuk Architecture: the Thirteenth-Century Sahabiye Madrassa in Kayseri.- Analysis of structural changes of the load profiles of the German residential sector due to decentralized electricity generation and e-mobility.- The impact of hedonism on domestic hot water energy demand for showering - the case of the Schanzenfest, Hamburg Mr Stephen Lorimer, Miss Marianne Jang, and Miss Korinna.- The Process of Delivery - A Case Study Evaluation of Residential Handover Procedures in Sustainable Housing.- Sustainable Renovation and Operation of Family Houses for Improved Climate Efficiency.- Solar Collector Based on Heat Pipes for Buildings Façade.- ICT applications to lower energy usage in the already built environment.- Using dynamic programming optimization to maintain comfort in building during summer periods.- Assisting inhabitants of residential homes with management of their energy consumption.- Raising High Energy Performance Glass Block from Waste Glasses with Cavity and Interlayer.- A new model for appropriate selection of window.- Improved Real Time Amorphous PV Model for Fault Diagnostic Usage.- An investigation of energy efficient and sustainable heating systems for buildings: Combining photovoltaics with heat pump.- Assessment of Solar Radiation Potential for Different Cities in Iran Using a Temperature-Based Method.- A Decision Support Framework for Evaluation of Environmentally and Economically Optimal Retrofit of Non-domestic Buildings.-Modeling, From the Energy Viewpoint, a Free-Form, High Energy Performance, Transparent Envelope.- A Mathematical Model to Pre-Evaluate Thermal Efficiencies in Elongated Building Designs.- Effect of Reaction Conditions on the Catalytic Performance of Ruthenium Supported Alumina Catalyst for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis.- Integration of wind power and hydrogen hybrid electric vehicles into electric grids.- Analysis of thermal comfort and space heating strategy - case study of an Irish public building.- Protection of Ring Distribution Networks with Distributed Generation based on Petri Nets.- Real-Time Optimization of Shared Resource Renewable Energy Networks.- Evaluation of the LCA Approaches for the Assessment of Embodied Energy of Building Products.- Exergetic life cycle assessment: An improved option to analyze resource use efficiency in the construction industry.- Methodology for the preparation of the standard model for schools investigator for the sustainability of energy systems and building services.- Latin-American buildings energy efficiency policy: the case of Chile.- Thermal Performance of Brazilian Modern Houses: a vision through the time.- Energetic and Exegetic Performance Evaluation of an AC and a Solar Powered DC Compressor.- Effectiveness of sustainable assessment methods in achieving high indoor air quality in the UK.- A comprehensive monitoring system to assess the performance of a prototype house.
This volume contains the proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Sustainability in Energy and Buildings, SEB12, held in Stockholm, Sweden, and is organized by KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden in partnership with KES International. The International Conference on Sustainability in Energy and Buildings focuses on a broad range of topics relating to sustainability in buildings but also encompassing energy sustainability more widely. Following the success of earlier events in the series, the 2012 conference includes the themes Sustainability, Energy, and Buildings and Information and Communication Technology, ICT. The SEB'12 proceedings include invited participation and paper submissions across a broad range of renewable energy and sustainability-related topics relevant to the main theme of Sustainability in Energy and Buildings. Applicable areas include technology for renewable energy and sustainability in the built environment, optimization and modeling techniques, information and communication technology usage, behavior and practice, including applications.

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