Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems

14th International Conference, KES 2010, Cardiff, UK, September 8-10, 2010, Proceedings, Part II
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6277, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence
Fast track conference proceedings
'Web Intelligence, Text and Multimedia Mining and Retrieval.- Semantics-Based Representation Model for Multi-layer Text Classification.- Frequent Itemset Based Hierarchical Document Clustering Using Wikipedia as External Knowledge.- Automatic Authorship Attribution for Texts in Croatian Language Using Combinations of Features.- Visualization of Text Streams: A Survey.- Combining Semantic and Content Based Image Retrieval in ORDBMS.- A Historically-Based Task Composition Mechanism to Support Spontaneous Interactions among Users in Urban Computing Environments.- Multi-criteria Retrieval in Cultural Heritage Recommendation Systems.- An Approach for the Automatic Recommendation of Ontologies Using Collaborative Knowledge.- Knowledge Mining with ELM System.- DOCODE-Lite: A Meta-Search Engine for Document Similarity Retrieval.- Intelligent Tutoring Systems and E-Learning Environments.- Group Formation for Collaboration in Exploratory Learning Using Group Technology Techniques.- Applying Pedagogical Analyses to Create an On-Line Course for e Learning.- Adaptive Modelling of Users' Strategies in Exploratory Learning Using Case-Based Reasoning.- An Implementation of Reprogramming Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks.- Predicting e-Learning Course Adaptability and Changes in Learning Preferences after Taking e-Learning Courses.- Intelligent Systems.- A Logic for Incomplete Sequential Information.- A Power-Enhanced Algorithm for Spatial Anomaly Detection in Binary Labelled Point Data Using the Spatial Scan Statistic.- Vertical Fragmentation Design of Distributed Databases Considering the Nonlinear Nature of Roundtrip Response Time.- Improving Iterated Local Search Solution for the Linear Ordering Problem with Cumulative Costs (LOPCC).- A Common-Sense Planning Strategy for Ambient Intelligence.- Dialogue Manager for a NLIDB for Solving the Semantic Ellipsis Problem in Query Formulation.- Hand Gesture Recognition Based on Segmented Singular Value Decomposition.- Reasoning and Inference Rules in Basic Linear Temporal Logic .- Direct Adaptive Control of an Anaerobic Depollution Bioprocess Using Radial Basis Neural Networks.- Visualisation of Test Coverage for Conformance Tests of Low Level Communication Protocols.- Control Network Programming with SPIDER: Dynamic Search Control.- Non-procedural Implementation of Local Heuristic Search in Control Network Programming.- Meta Agents, Ontologies and Search, a Proposed Synthesis.- Categorizing User Interests in Recommender Systems.- Architecture of Hascheck - An Intelligent Spellchecker for Croatian Language.- Light-Weight Access Control Scheme for XML Data.- A New Distributed Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Constraint Reasoning.- Simulation of Fuzzy Control Applied to a Railway Pantograph-Catenary System.- Floor Circulation Index and Optimal Positioning of Elevator Hoistways.- Rapid Evaluation of Reconfigurable Robots Anatomies Using Computational Intelligence.- Incremental Construction of Alpha Lattices and Association Rules.- Intelligent Magnetic Sensing System for Low Power WSN Localization Immersed in Liquid-Filled Industrial Containers.- Intelligent Data Processing in Process Systems and Plants.- An Overview of a Microcontroller-Based Approach to Intelligent Machine Tool Monitoring.- Use of Two-Layer Cause-Effect Model to Select Source of Signal in Plant Alarm System.- Coloured Petri Net Diagnosers for Lumped Process Systems.- Proactive Control of Manufacturing Processes Using Historical Data.- A Multiagent Approach for Sustainable Design of Heat Exchanger Networks.- Consistency Checking Method of Inventory Control for Countermeasures Planning System.- Fault Semantic Networks for Accident Forecasting of LNG Plants.- A Meta Heuristic Approach to Management Engineering.- Fuzzy Group Evaluating the Aggregative Risk Rate of Software Development.- Fuzzy Power System Reliability Model Based
th The 14 International Conference on Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems was held during September 8-10, 2010 in Cardiff, UK. The conference was organized by the School of Engineering at Cardiff University, UK and KES International. KES2010 provided an international scientific forum for the presentation of the - sults of high-quality research on a broad range of intelligent systems topics. The c- ference attracted over 360 submissions from 42 countries and 6 continents: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong ROC, Hungary, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Syria, Taiwan, - nisia, Turkey, UK, USA and Vietnam. The conference consisted of 6 keynote talks, 11 general tracks and 29 invited s- sions and workshops, on the applications and theory of intelligent systems and related areas. The distinguished keynote speakers were Christopher Bishop, UK, Nikola - sabov, New Zealand, Saeid Nahavandi, Australia, Tetsuo Sawaragi, Japan, Yuzuru Tanaka, Japan and Roger Whitaker, UK. Over 240 oral and poster presentations provided excellent opportunities for the presentation of interesting new research results and discussion about them, leading to knowledge transfer and generation of new ideas. Extended versions of selected papers were considered for publication in the Int- national Journal of Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Engineering Systems, Engine- ing Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, and Neural Computing and Applications.

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