Security and Cryptography for Networks

7th International Conference, SCN 2010, Amalfi, Italy, September 13-15, 2010, Proceedings
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Juan A. Garay
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6280, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Security and Cryptology
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Encryption I.- Time-Specific Encryption.- Public-Key Encryption with Efficient Amortized Updates.- Generic Constructions of Parallel Key-Insulated Encryption.- Invited Talk.- Heuristics and Rigor in Lattice-Based Cryptography.- Cryptanalysis.- Differential Fault Analysis of LEX.- Generalized RC4 Key Collisions and Hash Collisions.- Hash Functions.- On the Indifferentiability of the Grøstl Hash Function.- Side Channel Attacks and Leakage Resilience.- Algorithmic Tamper-Proof Security under Probing Attacks.- Leakage-Resilient Storage.- Encryption II.- Searching Keywords with Wildcards on Encrypted Data.- Threshold Attribute-Based Signcryption.- Cryptographic Protocols I.- Efficiency-Improved Fully Simulatable Adaptive OT under the DDH Assumption.- Improved Primitives for Secure Multiparty Integer Computation.- How to Pair with a Human.- Authentication and Key Agreement.- A New Security Model for Authenticated Key Agreement.- A Security Enhancement and Proof for Authentication and Key Agreement (AKA).- Authenticated Key Agreement with Key Re-use in the Short Authenticated Strings Model.- Cryptographic Primitives and Schemes.- Kleptography from Standard Assumptions and Applications.- Provably Secure Convertible Undeniable Signatures with Unambiguity.- History-Free Aggregate Message Authentication Codes.- Lattice-Based Cryptography.- Recursive Lattice Reduction.- Adaptively Secure Identity-Based Identification from Lattices without Random Oracles.- Groups Signatures and Authentication.- The Fiat-Shamir Transform for Group and Ring Signature Schemes.- Get Shorty via Group Signatures without Encryption.- Group Message Authentication.- Cryptographic Protocols II.- Fast Secure Computation of Set Intersection.- Distributed Private-Key Generators for Identity-Based Cryptography.- Anonymity.- Solving Revocation with Efficient Update of Anonymous Credentials.
The7thConferenceonSecurityandCryptographyforNetworks(SCN2010)was heldinAmal?,Italy,during September 13-15,2010.Thisbiennialconferencehas traditionally been held in Amal?, with the exception of the ?fth edition which washeldinnearbyMaiori.Thisyeartheconferencereceivedthe?nancialsupport oftheDepartmentof InformaticaedApplicazioni andoftheFacultyofScience of the University of Salerno, Italy. The wide availability of computer networks, and in particular of the global Internet, o?ers the opportunity to perform electronically and in a distributed way a wide range of transactions. Hence, cryptography and security assume an increasingly important role in computer networks, both as critical enablers of new functionalities as well as warrantors of the mechanisms soundness and safety. The principal aim of SCN as a conference is to bring together researchers in the above ?elds, with the goal of fostering cooperation and exchange of ideas in the stunning Amal? Coast setting. The conference received 94 submissions a record-high number for the SCN conference series in a broad range of cryptography and security areas, out of which 27 wereaccepted for publication in these proceedings on the basis of qu- ity, originality, and relevance to the conference s scope. At least three Program Committee(PC)members outof27world-renownedexpertsintheconference s various areas of interest reviewed each submitted paper, while submissions - authored by a PC member were subjected to the more stringent evaluation of ?ve PC members.

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