Geographic Information Science

6th International Conference, GIScience 2010, Zurich, Switzerland, September 14-17, 2010. Proceedings
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Sara Irina Fabrikant
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6292, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Information Systems and Applications, incl. Internet/Web, and HCI
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A Conceptual Data Model for Trajectory Data Mining.- Time-Geographic Density Estimation for Moving Point Objects.- Microtheories for Spatial Data Infrastructures - Accounting for Diversity of Local Conceptualizations at a Global Level.- The Family of Conceptual Neighborhood Graphs for Region-Region Relations.- Detecting Road Intersections from GPS Traces.- Semantic Referencing - Determining Context Weights for Similarity Measurement.- User-Centric Time-Distance Representation of Road Networks.- Efficient Data Collection and Event Boundary Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Tiny Models.- Combining Synchronous and Asynchronous Collaboration within 3D City Models.- Cognitive Invariants of Geographic Event Conceptualization: What Matters and What Refines?.- A Visibility and Spatial Constraint-Based Approach for Geopositioning.- Area-Preserving Subdivision Schematization.- Periodic Multi-labeling of Public Transit Lines.- Comparing the Effectiveness of GPS-Enhanced Voice Guidance for Pedestrians with Metric- and Landmark-Based Instruction Sets.- A Mismatch Description Language for Conceptual Schema Mapping and Its Cartographic Representation.- Detecting Change in Snapshot Sequences.- Multi-source Toponym Data Integration and Mediation for a Meta-Gazetteer Service.- Qualitative Change to 3-Valued Regions.- Collaborative Generalisation: Formalisation of Generalisation Knowledge to Orchestrate Different Cartographic Generalisation Processes.- Automatic Extraction of Destinations, Origins and Route Parts from Human Generated Route Directions.- Visual Exploration of Eye Movement Data Using the Space-Time-Cube.- 5D Data Modelling: Full Integration of 2D/3D Space, Time and Scale Dimensions.
Since its inception in Savannah, Georgia (USA) in 2000, the highly successful GIScience conferenceseries ( regularlyattractedover250 researchers from all over the world whose common interest lies in advancing the research frontiers of fundamental aspects of the production, dissemination, and use of geographic information. The conference is bi-annual and brings together leading researchers from all cognate disciplines re?ecting the interdisciplinary breadth of GIScience, including (but not limited to) geography, cognitive s- ence, computer science, engineering, information science, mathematics, philo- phy, psychology, social science, and (geo)statistics. Following the, literally breathtaking,conference in Park City, Utah (USA) at 2103m, the sixth GIScience 2010 conference returned to Europe for the second time. The 2010 conference was held in Zurich, Switzerland, a place nominated repeatedly as the world's most livable (if not cheapest!) city. Zurich is also a GIScience landmark, as in 1990 one of the founders of the GIScience conference series, Dr. Michael Goodchild, delivered a memorable talk setting out how f- damental research on GISystems could turn into GIScience at the very same conference location during the Spatial Data Handling Symposium.

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