In-situ Studies with Photons, Neutrons and Electrons Scattering

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Thomas Kannengiesser
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In Situ Study of Phase Transformation in Steel During Welding.- In Situ Studies of Phase Transformation and Residual Stresses in LTT Alloys During Welding Using Synchrotron Radiation.- In Situ Scanning Electron Microscopy High Temperature Deformation Experiments to Study Ductility Dip Cracking of Ni-Cr-Fe Alloys.- Grain Nucleation and Growth of Individual Austenite and Ferrite Grains Studied by 3DXRD Microscopy at the ESRF.- Direct Analysis of Solidification-Mode During Welding for the Assessment of Hot-Cracking.- In Situ Synchrotron Study of Inclusions in the Weld Pool for the Assessment of Nucleation Potency of Acicular Ferrite.- Characterization of Solid State Phase Transformation in Continuously Heated and Cooled Ferritic Weld Metal.- In Situ Determination of Phase Transformations and Structural Changes During Non-Equilibrium Material Processing.- In Situ Phase Transformation Studies on a Transformation Induced Plasticity Steel Under Simulated Weld Thermal Cycles Using Synchrotron Diffraction.- Imaging Fast Processes in Liquid Metal Foams and Semi-Solid Alloys Using Synchrotron Radioscopy with Spatio-Temporal Micro-Resolution.- In Situ Measurements for Structural Integrity: An Engineer's Perspective.- In Situ Neutron Diffraction During Thermo-Mechanically Controlled Process for Low Alloy Steels.- Influence of Plastic Deformation on the Residual Stress Distribution and Fatigue Behaviour of High Strength Steels Welds.
In-situ scattering and diffraction measurements using synchrotron and neutron beam lines have become a viable tool to look at the non-equilibrium processing of advanced materials. This volume presents the subject from the theoretical and experimental standpoint, in order to provide a closer insight into the different synchrotron and neutron diffraction techniques as well as innovative microscopy techniques. It addresses the following items:
- phase detection and quantification
- In-situ welding experiments
- Stress/strain build-up
- model development and Simulation
- Analysis tools and programming

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