Epigenetics and Human Reproduction
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Epigenetics and Human Reproduction

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Sophie Rousseaux
Epigenetics and Human Health
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The rapidly expanding field of epigenetics examines heritable traits that are not attributable to changes in the DNA sequence. Edited by two preeminent experts, this volume is part of a wider series and analyzes the role of epigenetics in human reproduction.

Preface - B. Jegou.- Part 1 - Medical aspects and questions raised on the molecular basis of epigenome involvement in reproduction.- Chapter 1: Potential Epigenetic Consequences Associated with Assisted Reproduction.- Chapter 2: Germ cell cancer, testicular dysgenesis syndrome and epigenetics.- Chapter 3: Medical implications of sperm nuclear quality.- Chapter 4: Gene expression/phenotypic abnormalities in placental tissues of sheep clones: insurmountable block in cloning progress? .- Part 2 - Fundamental aspects of genome and epigenome reprogramming during gametogenesis.- Chapter 5: Epigenetic reprogramming associated with primordial germ cell development.- Chapter 6: Epigenetic factors and regulation of meiotic recombination in mammals.- Chapter 7: Meiotic pairing of homologous chromosomes and silencing of heterologous regions.- Chapter 8: Histone variants during gametogenesis and early development.- Chapter 9: Genome organization by vertebrate sperm nuclear basic proteins (SNBPs).- Chapter 10: Epigenetics in Male Reproduction: A Practical Introduction to the Informatics of Next Generation Sequencing.- Part 3 - Re-organization of nuclear compartments during gametogenesis.- Chapter 11: organisation of chromosomes during spermatogenesis and in mature sperm.- Chapter 12: Lamins and spermatogenesis.- Part 4 - Fundamental aspects of gene expression regulation during gametogenesis.- Chapter 13: Specific transcription regulatory mechanisms of male germ cells.- Chapter 14: The Chromatoid Body: a Specialized RNA Granule of Male Germ Cells.- Chapter 15: Sperm RNA: reading the hidden message.- Subject index
Epigenetics is a rapidly expanding field in medical and biological research which concerns heritable traits that are not attributable to changes in the DNA sequence. Epigenetic mechanisms play key roles in many biological processes, and it has become clear that their disruption can gives rise to diverse pathologies in humans. Edited by preeminent experts, Sophie Rousseaux and Saadi Khochbin, this volume in the 'Epigenetics and Human Health' series discusses the role of epigenetics in human reproduction

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