Case-Based Reasoning

18th International Conference, ICCBR 2010, Alessandria, Italy, July 19-22, 2010 Proceedings
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Isabelle Bichindaritz
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6176, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence

Invited Talks.- Translational Bioinformatics: Challenges and Opportunities for Case-Based Reasoning and Decision Support.- Why and How Knowledge Discovery Can Be Useful for Solving Problems with CBR.- Real-Time Case-Based Reasoning for Interactive Digital Entertainment.- Theoretical/Methodological Research Papers.- Applying Machine Translation Evaluation Techniques to Textual CBR.- Intelligent Data Interpretation and Case Base Exploration through Temporal Abstractions.- An Algorithm for Adapting Cases Represented in an Expressive Description Logic.- Case-Based Plan Diversity.- Reducing the Memory Footprint of Temporal Difference Learning over Finitely Many States by Using Case-Based Generalization.- Text Adaptation Using Formal Concept Analysis.- Visualization for the Masses: Learning from the Experts.- Imitating Inscrutable Enemies: Learning from Stochastic Policy Observation, Retrieval and Reuse.- The Utility Problem for Lazy Learners - Towards a Non-eager Approach.- EGAL: Exploration Guided Active Learning for TCBR.- Introspective Knowledge Revision in Textual Case-Based Reasoning.- A General Introspective Reasoning Approach to Web Search for Case Adaptation.- Detecting Change via Competence Model.- CBTV: Visualising Case Bases for Similarity Measure Design and Selection.- Goal-Driven Autonomy with Case-Based Reasoning.- Case Retrieval with Combined Adaptability and Similarity Criteria: Application to Case Retrieval Nets.- Amalgams: A Formal Approach for Combining Multiple Case Solutions.- Recognition of Higher-Order Relations among Features in Textual Cases Using Random Indexing.- Extending CBR with Multiple Knowledge Sources from Web.- Taxonomic Semantic Indexing for Textual Case-Based Reasoning.- A Case for Folk Arguments in Case-Based Reasoning.- Reexamination of CBR Hypothesis.- Applied Research Papers.- Case Based Reasoning with Bayesian Model Averaging: An Improved Method for Survival Analysis on Microarray Data.- User Trace-Based Recommendation System for a Digital Archive.- On-the-Fly Adaptive Planning for Game-Based Learning.- A Case Based Reasoning Approach for the Monitoring of Business Workflows.- A Case-Based Reasoning Approach to Automating the Construction of Multiple Choice Questions.- Towards Case-Based Adaptation of Workflows.- A Method Based on Query Caching and Predicate Substitution for the Treatment of Failing Database Queries.- Case Acquisition from Text: Ontology-Based Information Extraction with SCOOBIE for myCBR.- Similarity-Based Retrieval and Solution Re-use Policies in the Game of Texas Hold'em.- Experience-Based Critiquing: Reusing Critiquing Experiences to Improve Conversational Recommendation.- Improving Pervasive Application Behavior Using Other Users' Information.- a.SCatch: Semantic Structure for Architectural Floor Plan Retrieval.- Runtime Estimation Using the Case-Based Reasoning Approach for Scheduling in a Grid Environment.
The International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (ICCBR) is the preeminentinternationalmeetingoncase-basedreasoning(CBR). Through2009, ICCBR had been a biennial conference, held in alter- tion with its sister conference, the European Conference on Case-BasedReas- ing , which was located in Europe. At the 2009 ICCBR,the ICCBR ProgramCommittee elected to extend ano?er of consoli- tion with ECCBR. The o?er was accepted by the ECCBR 2010 organizers and they have considered it approved by the ECCBR community, as the two conf- ences share a majority of Program Committee members. ICCBR and ECCBR havebeen theleading conferencesonCBR. From2010,ICCBRandECCBRwill be merged in a single conference series, called ICCBR. As there had been eight previous ICCBR events and nine previous ECCBR events, the combined series is considered the 18th ICCBR. ICCBR 2010 was therefore the 18th in this seriesof internationalconferenceshighlighting the mostsigni?cantcontributions tothe?eldofCBR. TheconferencetookplaceduringJuly19 22,2010inthecity of Alessandria,Italy, on the beautiful campus of the University of Piemonte O- entale A. Avogadro. Previous ICCBR conferences were held in Sesimbra, P- tugal(1995),Providence,RhodeIsland,USA(1997),SeeonMonastery,Germany (1999), Vancouver, BC, Canada (2001), Trondheim, Norway (2003), Chicago, Illinois, USA (2005), Belfast, Northern Ireland (2007), and Seattle, Washington, USA (2009). Day 1 of the conference hosted an Applications Track, the second Doctoral Consortium, and the third Computer Cooking Contest. The Applications Track featured ?elded applications and CBR systems demos in industrial and scienti?c settingswithanemphasis ondiscussionandnetworkingbetweenresearchersand industrials.

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