Progress in Artificial Economics
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Progress in Artificial Economics

Computational and Agent-Based Models
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Marco Li Calzi
645, Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems
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Markets and Trading.- Agent's Minimal Intelligence Calibration for Realistic Market Dynamics.- Trading on Marginal Information.- Stylized Facts Study through a Multi-Agent Based Simulation of an Artificial Stock Market.- Auctions.- A Variable Bid Increment Algorithm for Reverse English Auction.- Co-evolutionary Agents in Combinatorial Sealed-bid Auctions for Spectrum Licenses Markets.- The Effect of Transaction Costs on Artificial Continuous Double Auction Markets.- Networks.- The Rise and Fall of Trust Networks.- Simulations on Correlated Behavior and Social Learning.- Technology Shocks and Trade in a Network.- Management.- The (Beneficial) Role of Informational Imperfections in Enhancing Organisational Performance.- Social Interactions and Innovation: Simulation Based on an Agent-Based Modular Economy.- Threshold Rule and Scaling Behavior in a Multi-Agent Supply Chain.- Industry Sectors.- Information and Search on the Housing Market: An Agent-Based Model.- Adaptation of Investments in the Pharmaceutical Industry.- An Agent-Based Information Management Model of the Chinese Pig Sector.- Macroeconomics.- Wealth Distribution Evolution in an Agent-Based Computational Economy.- Endogenous Credit Dynamics as Source of Business Cycles in the EURACE Model.- Reinforcement Learning of Heterogeneous Private Agents in a Macroeconomic Policy Game.- Demographics and Culture.- Towards an Agent-Based Model of the Economic Development Process: The Dynamics of the Fertility Rate.- An Agent-Supported Simulation of Labour and Financial Markets for Migration Processes.- Sensitivity Analysis of an Agent-Based Model of Culture's Consequences for Trade.
Artificial economics aims to provide a generative approach to understanding problems in economics and social sciences. It is based on the consistent use of agent-based models and computational techniques. It encompasses a rich variety of techniques that generalize numerical analysis, mathematical programming, and micro-simulations. The peer-reviewed contributions in this volume address applications of artificial economics to markets and trading, auctions, networks, management, industry sectors, macroeconomics, and demographics and culture.

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