Fuzzy Optimization
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Fuzzy Optimization

Recent Advances and Applications
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Weldon A. Lodwick
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235x155x37 mm
254, Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing

Written by leading experts
State-of-the-Art book
Introductory Sections.- Fuzziness, Rationality, Optimality and Equilibrium in Decision and Economic Theories.- to Fuzzy and Possibilistic Optimization.- Basic Issues.- Aggregation Operators for Evaluating Alternatives.- Optimization and Aggregation Functions.- Chebyshev Approximation of Inconsistent Fuzzy Relational Equations with Max-T Composition.- Various Types of Fuzzy Optimization and Fuzzy Mathematical Programming Models.- A Survey of Fuzzy Convex Programming Models.- Approaches to Linear Programming Problems with Interactive Fuzzy Numbers.- Possibilistic Optimization Tasks with Mutually T-Related Parameters: Solution Methods and Comparative Analysis.- A Parametrized Model for Optimization with Mixed Fuzzy and Possibilistic Uncertainty.- On Solving Optimization Problems with Ordered Average Criteria and Constraints.- Fuzzy Dynamic Programming Problem for Extremal Fuzzy Dynamic System.- Vaguely Motivated Cooperation.- Fuzzy Network and Combinatorial Optimization.- Computing Min-Max Regret Solutions in Possibilistic Combinatorial Optimization Problems.- Stochastic Bottleneck Spanning Tree Problem on a Fuzzy Network.- The Use of Fuzzy Numbers in Practical Project Planning and Control.- Applications.- Ant Feature Selection Using Fuzzy Decision Functions.- Application of Fuzzy Theory to the Investment Decision Process.- Decision Making Techniques in Political Management.- Mathematical Approaches for Fuzzy Portfolio Selection Problems with Normal Mixture Distributions.- Fuzzy Random Redundancy Allocation Problems.- Reliable Biological Circuit Design Including Uncertain Kinetic Parameters.- Fuzzy Optimal Algorithms for Multiple Target Convergence.- Fuzzy Linear Programming in Practice: An Application to the Spanish Football League.
Optimization is an extremely important area in science and technology which provides powerful and useful tools and techniques for the formulation and solution of a multitude of problems in which we wish, or need, to to find a best possible option or solution. The volume is divided into a coupe of parts which present various aspects of fuzzyoptimization, some related more general issues, and applications.

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