Intraseasonal Variability in the Atmosphere-Ocean Climate System
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Intraseasonal Variability in the Atmosphere-Ocean Climate System

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William K.-M. Lau
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Environmental Science Springer Praxis Books / Space Exploration Springer Praxis Books

The only up-to-date comprehensive reference work on intra-seasonal variabilityCovers a broad range of topics, with a balance between observation, theory and modelingAn invaluable reference for those involved in long range weather forecasting, climate prediction and the management of natural disastersPresents topics from a worldwide perspective, but of particular interest in the monsoon countriesUpdated with a new chapter on the substantial new development of ISV research
1. Historical Perspectives (R. Madden and P. Julian).- 2. South Asian Monsoon (B. N. Goswami).- 3. East Asian Monsoon (H. H. Hsu).- 4. Pan America (K. C. Mo & J. Paegle).- 5. Australian-Indonesian Monsoon (M. Wheeler J. McBride).- 6. The Oceans (W. Kessler).- 7. Air-sea Interaction (H. Hendon).- 8. Mass, Momentum, and Geodynamics (B. Chao and David Salstein).- 9. ENSO Connection (W. Lau).- 10. Theory (B. Wang).- 11. Modeling (J. Slingo, P. Inness and K. Sperber).- 12. Predictability and Forecasting (D.Waliser).- 13 New research development ( multiple authors, TBD).
Improving the reliability of long-range forecasts of natural disasters, such as severe weather, droughts and floods, in North America, South America, Africa and the Asian/Australasian monsoon regions is of vital importance to the livelihood of millions of people who are affected by these events. In recent years the significance of major short-term climatic variability, and events such as the El Nino/Southern Oscillation in the Pacific, with its worldwide effect on rainfall patterns, has been all to clearly demonstrated. Understanding and predicting the intra-seasonal variability (ISV) of the ocean and atmosphere is crucial to improving long range environmental forecasts and the reliability of climate change projects through climate models. In the second edition of this classic book on the subject, the authors have updated the original chapters, where appropriate, and added a new chapter that includes short subjects representing substantial new development in ISV research since the publication of the first edition.

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