Trends in Applied Intelligent Systems

23rd International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Other Applications of Applied Intelligent Systems, IEA/AIE 2010, Cordoba, Spain, June 1-4, 2010, Proceedings, Part I
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Nicolás García-Pedrajas
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6096, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence
Theneedforintelligentsystemstechnologyinsolvingreal-lifeproblemshasbeen consistently growing. In order to address this need, researchers in the ?eld have been developing methodologies and tools to develop intelligent systems for so- ing complex problems. The International Society of Applied Intelligence (ISAI) through its annual IEA/AIE conferences provides a forum for international s- enti?c and industrial community in the ?eld of Applied Arti?cial Intelligence to interactively participate in developing intelligent systems, which are needed to solve twenty ?rst century s ever growing problems in almost every ?eld. The 23rdInternationalConference on Industrial, Engineering and Other - plications of Applied Intelligence Systems (IEA/AIE-2010) held in C ordoba, Spain, followed IEA/AIE tradition of providing an international scienti?c forum for researchers in the ?eld of applied arti?cial intelligence. The presentations of theinvitedspeakersandauthorsmainlyfocusedondevelopingandstudyingnew methods to cope with the problems posed by real-life applications of arti?cial intelligence.Paperspresentedinthetwentythirdconferenceintheseriescovered theories as well as applications of intelligent systems in solving complex real-life problems. We received 297 papers for the main track, selecting 119 of them with the highest quality standards. Each paper was revised by at least three members of the Program Committee. The papers in the proceedings cover a wide number of topics including: applications to robotics, business and ?nancial markets, bio- formaticsandbiomedicine,applicationsofagent-basedsystems,computervision, control, simulation and modeling, data mining, decision support systems, evo- tionary computation and its applications, fuzzy systems and their applications, heuristic optimization methods and swarm intelligence, intelligent agent-based systems,internetapplications,knowledgemanagementandknowledgebaseds- tems, machine learning, neural network applications, optimization and heuristic search, and other real-life applications.
Application Systems.- Tabu Search with Consistent Neighbourhood for Strip Packing.- Transition State Layer in the Immune Inspired Optimizer.- Improving Timetable Quality in Scheduled Transit Networks.- An Investigation of IDA* Algorithms for the Container Relocation Problem.- MADS/F-Race: Mesh Adaptive Direct Search Meets F-Race.- Application to Robotics.- An Improvement in Audio-Visual Voice Activity Detection for Automatic Speech Recognition.- Robust Ego Noise Suppression of a Robot.- Integrating a PDDL-Based Planner and a PLEXIL-Executor into the Ptinto Robot.- Finding the Maximal Pose Error in Robotic Mechanical Systems Using Constraint Programming.- Down-Up-Down Behavior Generation for Interactive Robots.- Music-Ensemble Robot That Is Capable of Playing the Theremin While Listening to the Accompanied Music.- Applications of Agent-Based Systems.- Self-organisation of an 802.11 Mesh Network.- Anomaly Detection in Noisy and Irregular Time Series: The "Turbodiesel Charging Pressure" Case Study.- Safe Learning with Real-Time Constraints: A Case Study.- Intelligent Training in Control Centres Based on an Ambient Intelligence Paradigm.- Injecting On-Board Autonomy in a Multi-Agent System for Space Service Providing.- Applications to Business and Financial Markets.- Solving Portfolio Optimization Problem Based on Extension Principle.- Knowledge-Based Framework for Workflow Modelling: Application to the Furniture Industry.- Decision Trees in Stock Market Analysis: Construction and Validation.- An Intelligent System for Gathering Rates of Local Taxes on the Web.- Intelligent Systems in Long-Term Forecasting of the Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Price in the Spanish Market.- Applied Intelligent Systems for Future Classroom.- Processing Common Sense Knowledge to Develop Contextualized Computer Applications.- Estimating the Difficulty Level of the Challenges Proposed in a Competitive e-Learning Environment.- Automatic Assessment of Students' Free-Text Answers with Support Vector Machines.- On the Application of Planning and Scheduling Techniques to E-Learning.- A Fuzzy ANP Model for Evaluating E-Learning Platform.- An Ontology-Based Expert System and Interactive Tool for Computer-Aided Control Engineering Education.- Bioinformatics and Biomedical Applications.- Exploiting Taxonomical Knowledge to Compute Semantic Similarity: An Evaluation in the Biomedical Domain.- Estimating Class Proportions in Boar Semen Analysis Using the Hellinger Distance.- Analysis of the Inducing Factors Involved in Stem Cell Differentiation Using Feature Selection Techniques, Support Vector Machines and Decision Trees.- An Environment for Data Analysis in Biomedical Domain: Information Extraction for Decision Support Systems.- Constructive Neural Networks to Predict Breast Cancer Outcome by Using Gene Expression Profiles.- Class Imbalance Methods for Translation Initiation Site Recognition.- Computer Vision.- On-Line Unsupervised Segmentation for Multidimensional Time-Series Data and Application to Spatiotemporal Gesture data.- Robust People Segmentation by Static Infrared Surveillance Camera.- Building Digital Ink Recognizers Using Data Mining: Distinguishing between Text and Shapes in Hand Drawn Diagrams.- Relief Patterned-Tile Classification for Automatic Tessella Assembly.- Using Remote Data Mining on LIDAR and Imagery Fusion Data to Develop Land Cover Maps.- Face Recognition Using Curvelet Transform.- Context Information in Intelligent Systems.- A Regulatory Model for Context-Aware Abstract Framework.- Ambient Intelligence Application Scenario for Collaborative e-Learning.- Strategies for Inference Mechanism of Conditional Random Fields for Multiple-Resident Activity Recognition in a Smart Home.- Methodology to Achieve Accurate Non Cooperative Target Identification Using High Resolution Radar and a Synthetic Database.- Modeling Spatial-Temporal Context Information in Virtual Worlds.- Recognition and Interpretation on Talking Agents.- Control, Simulation, and Modeling.- Supervisory Control and Automatic Failure Detection in Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems.- Data-Driven Prognosis Applied to Complex Vacuum Pumping Systems.- Design Issues and Approach to Internet-Based Monitoring and Control Systems.- Simul-EMI II: An Application to Simulate Electric and Magnetic Phenomena in PCB Designs.- Networked Control System Design on the Basis of Two Disk Mixed Sensitivity Specifications.- Data Mining.- A Study of Detecting Computer Viruses in Real-Infected Files in the n-Gram Representation with Machine Learning Methods.- Data Mining Strategies for CRM Negotiation Prescription Problems.- Mining Concept-Drifting Data Streams Containing Labeled and Unlabeled Instances.- Exploring the Performance of Resampling Strategies for the Class Imbalance Problem.- ITSA???: An Effective Iterative Method for Short-Text Clustering Tasks.- Mining Interestingness Measures for String Pattern Mining.- Data Preprocessing in Data Mining.- Analyzing the Impact of the Discretization Method When Comparing Bayesian Classifiers.- Improving Incremental Wrapper-Based Feature Subset Selection by Using Re-ranking.- Information Extraction from Helicopter Maintenance Records as a Springboard for the Future of Maintenance Text Analysis.- A Preliminary Study on the Selection of Generalized Instances for Imbalanced Classification.- Feature Selection Applied to Data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.- Decision Support Systems.- FastXplain: Conflict Detection for Constraint-Based Recommendation Problems.- Empirical Knowledge Engineering: Cognitive Aspects in the Development of Constraint-Based Recommenders.- Adaptive Utility-Based Recommendation.- Hybrid Integration of Reasoning Techniques in Suspect Investigation.- Ontology-Based Expert System for Home Automation Controlling.- Ontology Applied in Decision Support System for Critical Infrastructures Protection.- Learning User Preferences to Maximise Occupant Comfort in Office Buildings.- A Decision Support Tool for Evaluating Loyalty and Word-of-Mouth Using Model-Based Knowledge Discovery.- An Argumentation-Based BDI Personal Assistant.- Distributed Problem Solving with Artificial Intelligence Techniques.- Challenges of Distributed Model-Based Diagnosis.- A Distributed Algorithm for the Multi-Robot Task Allocation Problem.- Comparison between Deterministic and Meta-heuristic Methods Applied to Ancillary Services Dispatch.- Domain-Dependent Planning Heuristics for Locating Containers in Maritime Terminals.- Robust Solutions in Changing Constraint Satisfaction Problems.

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