Small Bodies in Planetary Systems

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Previously published in hardcover
Ingrid Mann
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This school tested lecture series is intended as an introduction to the latest research results and to key issues of future research on planetary systems.
School tested lecture series intended as introduction to latest research results and to key issues of future research on planetary systems
From Protoplanetary Disks to Planetesimals, Taku Takeuchi.- Dynamics of small bodies in planetary systems; Mark Wyatt.- Asteroids and their collisional disruption, Akiko Nakamura and Patrick Michel.- On the strength and disruption mechanisms of small bodies in the Solar System, Patrick Michel.- Meteoroids - observations and connection to parent bodies, Sinsuke Abe.- Dust models and optical properties, Aigen Li.- Physical processes of dust and small bodies in planetary systems, Ingrid Mann.- Observational Studies of Interplanetary Dust, Masateru Ishiguro and Muetaka Ueno.- Six Hot Topics in Planetary Astronomy, David Jewitt.- Detection of Extra-solar Planets and Circumstellar Disks, Yoichi Itoh.
The small bodies in planetary systems are indicative of the material evo- tion, the dynamical evolution, and the presence of planets in a system. Recent astronomicalresearch,spaceresearch,laboratoryresearch,andnumericals- ulationsbroughtawealthofnewandexciting?ndingsonextra-solarplanetary systems and on asteroids, comets, meteoroids, dust, and trans-Neptunian - jects in the solar system. Progress in astronomical instrumentation led to the discovery and investigation of small bodies in the outer solar system and to observations of cosmic dust in debris disks of extra-solar planetary systems. Space research allowed for close studies of some of the small solar system bodies from spacecraft. This lecture series is intended as an introduction to the latest research results and to the key issues of future research. The ch- ters are mainly based on lectures given during a recent research school and on research activities within the 21st Century COE Program "Origin and Evolution of Planetary Systems" at Kobe University, Japan. In Chap. 1, Taku Takeuchi discusses the evolution of gas and dust from protoplanetary disks to planetary disks. Using a simple model, he studies v- cous evolution and photoevaporation as possible mechanisms of gas dispersal. He further considers how the dust grows into planetesimals. Motion of dust particles induced by gas drag is described, and then using a simple analytic model, the dust growth timescale is discussed.

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