Purinergic and Pyrimidinergic Signalling

Molecular, Nervous and Urogenitary System Function
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Previously published in hardcover
Maria P. Abracchio
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With contributions by numerous experts
With contributions by numerous experts
1. Introduction and Histrocial Overview. 2. P1 Receptors. 3. P2X Receptors. 4. P2Y Receptors: Structure and Function. 5. Purinergic Signalling in Development. 6. P1 and P2 Purine and Pyrimidine Receptor Ligands. 7. Regulation of Purine Release. 8. Exto-Nucleotides. 9. Role of Purines and Pyrimidines in the Central Nervous System. 10. The Role of Purines in the Peripheral Nervous System. 11. Trophic Roles of Purines and Pyrimidines. 12. Nicleoside and Nucleotide Transmission in Sensory Systems. 13. Roles of Purines in Nociception and Pain. 14. Uridine and Pyrimidine Nucleotides in Cell function. 15. Purinergic Signalling in Lower Urinary Tract.
Physiological, pharmacological and molecular biological data generated over the past three decades have demonstrated the existence of two major families of extracellular receptors, the P1, a family of four G-protein coupled receptors and the P2, a family of at least 12 receptors responsive to purine (ATP, ADP) and pyrimidine (UTP) nucleotides through which adenosine and ATP can function as extracellular messengers. The present two-part volume represents an integrated compendium of invited chapters by leading researchers in the area focusing on advances in the understanding of purinergic and pyrimidinergic signaling systems, their role(s) in tissue function and pathophysiology and advances in developing potential new medications based on the modulation of P1 and P2 receptor signaling processes. The volumes will thus provide the reader with a topical, comprehensive and integrated overview of this important area.

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