Numerical Treatment of Multiphase Flows in Porous Media

Proceedings of the International Workshop Held at Beijing, China, 2-6 August 1999
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Previously published in hardcover
Zhangxin Chen
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Mathematical and Numerical Techniques in Energy and Environmental Modeling.- Domain Decomposition for Some Transmission Problems in Flow in Porous Media.- Numerical Subgrid Upscaling of Two-Phase Flow in Porous Media.- Numerical Simulation of Multiphase Flow in Fractured Porous Media.- The Modified Method of Characteristics for Compressible Flow in Porous Media.- A Numerical Algorithm for Single Phase Fluid Flow in Elastic Porous Media.- On the Discretization of Interface Problems with Perfect and Imperfect Contact.- Finite Element Analysis for Pseudo Hyperbolic Integral-Differential Equations.- A CFL-Free Explicit Scheme with Compression for Linear Hyperbolic Equations.- Maximizing Cache Memory Usage for Multigrid Algorithms for Applications of Fluid Flow in Porous Media.- A Locally Conservative Eulerian-Lagrangian Method for Flow in a Porous Medium of a Mixture of Two Components Having Different Densities.- Validation of Non-darcy Well Models Using Direct Numerical Simulation.- Mathematical Treatment of Diffusion Processes of Gases and Fluids in Porous Media.- Implementation of a Locally Conservative Eulerian-Lagrangian Method Applied to Nuclear Contaminant Transport.- Application of a Class of Nonstationary Iterative Methods to Flow Problems.- Reservoir Thermal Recover Simulation on Parallel Computers.- A Class of Lattice Boltzmann Models with the Energy Equation.- Block Implicit Computation of Flow Field in Solid Rocket Ramjets.- Stable Conforming and Nonconforming Finite Element Methods for the Non-newtonian Flow.- Numerical Simulation of Compositional Fluid Flow in Porous Media.- Parallelization of a Compositional Reservoir Simulator.- Relationships among Some Conservative Discretization Methods.- Parallel Methods for Solving Time-Dependent Problems Using the Fourier-Laplace Transformation.- Cascadic Multigrid Methods for Parabolic Pressure Problems.- Estimation in the Presence of Outliers: The Capillary Pressure Case.- A Comparison of ELLAM with ENO/WENO Schemes for Linear Transport Equations.- An Accurate Approximation to Compressible Flow in Porous Media with Wells.- Fast Convergent Algorithms for Solving 2D Integral Equations of the First Kind.- A Two-Grid Finite Difference Method for Nonlinear Parabolic Equations.- A Compact Operator Method for the Omega Equation.- Domain Decomposition Algprithm for a New Characteristic Mixed Finite Element Method for Compressible Miscible Displacement.- A Boundary Element Method for Viscous Flow on Multi-connected Domains.- A Characteristic Difference Method for 2D Nonlinear Convection-Diffusion Problems.- Fractional Step Methods for Compressible Multicomponent Flow in Porous Media.- A Model and Its Solution Method for a Generalized Unsteady Seepage Flow Problem.- Domain Decomposition Preconditioners for Non-selfconjugate Second Order Elliptic Problems.- Performance of MOL for Surface Motion Driven by a Laplacian of Curvature.- A High-Order Upwind Method for Convection-Diffusion Equations with the Newmann Boundary Condition.
The need to predict, understand, and optimize complex physical and c- mical processes occurring in and around the earth, such as groundwater c- tamination, oil reservoir production, discovering new oil reserves, and ocean hydrodynamics, has been increasingly recognized. Despite their seemingly disparate natures, these geoscience problems have many common mathe- tical and computational characteristics. The techniques used to describe and study them are applicable across a broad range of areas. The study of the above problems through physical experiments, mat- matical theory, and computational techniques requires interdisciplinary col- boration between engineers, mathematicians, computational scientists, and other researchers working in industry, government laboratories, and univ- sities. By bringing together such researchers, meaningful progress can be made in predicting, understanding, and optimizing physical and chemical processes. The International Workshop on Fluid Flow and Transport in Porous - dia was successfully held in Beijing, China, August 2{6, 1999. The aim of this workshop was to bring together applied mathematicians, computational scientists, and engineers working actively in the mathematical and nume- cal treatment of ?uid ?ow and transport in porous media. A broad range of researchers presented papers and discussed both problems and current, state-of-the-art techniques.

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