The Economic Impact of HIV/AIDS in Tanzania

A country study
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Mandy Seibold
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Revision with unchanged content. HIV/AIDS - two simple and short abbreviations, yet provoking sinister associations with sexual behavior, poverty, sickness and death. Stigmatized in one part of the world and almost selfishly exploited for media purposes in the other. This book delivers an introductory insight into the history of HIV/AIDS and furthermore displays the situation around the world in the late 90s with predictions for the future. The author specifies Tanzania as an example, thereby focusing on sectoral impacts, such as on workforce, macro-economic and other sectors, which are all affected inter- and independently. For Tanzania being a poor country, the book outlines the interrelations between poverty and HIV/AIDS, but also the dissociations from one another. The author wants to address researchers or other groups with an interest in the worldwide situation of HIV/AIDS and who are looking for short and clear demonstrations about the reported and predicted impacts of HIV/AIDS on a country's economy. The individual reader is being motivated to compare the figures in this book with the prevailing figures at the time of reading, so as to fully understand the particular and overall impacts of HIV/AIDS.

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