Entering the Chinese Market

Basics, Strategies, Barriers
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Elisabeth Bilewicz
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Rising competition within established markets induces major enterprises to search for new sales market. Unsaturated markets that bear potential growth and cheap but skilled labour come closer to the focus of companies. But different rules, culture and conditions have to be adopted in order to be successful. What is the best way to enter those markets that differ so much from the home market? What strategy fits best to the companies goals? China is thereby more and more in the focus of a companies internationalization strategy. What barriers have to be taken into consideration in general and for the Chinese economy? The author Elisabeth Bilewicz describes potential market entry strategies and gives an overview about the pros and cons of each market entry form. Going more into detail she deals with market entry barriers and adapts them onto the Chinese economy. The market entry barrier analysis is thereby divided into three parts: the economical, cultural and organisational barriers. These subjects are discussed by means of the Porters Five Forces, Hofstedes cultural value dimensions and on the basis of the SWOT analysis.The book is addressed to economists, managers and decisions makers that are concerned with a market entry in general and especially into China.

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