Health Rights in Bangladesh

An overview of health systems and health rights in Bangladesh
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Sheikh Mohammed Shariful Islam
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The right to health has been widely recognized by States and international organizations as fundamental human rights without which sustainable human development can not be achieved. States are responsible for the progressive realization of the rights to health. This paper aims to examine the existing right to health recognized in the national legislation of Bangladesh along with the health system and policies. It reviews the right to health mentioned in the international laws, defines case studies and analyzes areas for improvement. This legal case study has been based on literature review from primary and secondary sources and experience gained through personal communication and group discussions. The paper concludes that while Bangladesh has made progress in some of the indicators of health, the realization of right to health has not gained momentum and needs to be recognized as a priority area. The recommendations of this legal case study will help the policy makers of Bangladesh and other developing countries to develop policies which will reduce the health inequality and increased access to health for the entire population.

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