Effectiveness of study skills training in minimizing poor study habit

Among High school students
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Kehinde Jimoh
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Study habit problem is a crucial issue which continues to generate a lot of concern among educationists, guidance counsellors, student themselves, psychologist and parents alike.. Because of its devastating effect, it therefore becomes necessary to revisit this problem (poor study habit) with a view to overcome it or reducing it to the barest minimum as it is now becoming the rule rather than the exception. This research is written primarily for students in high school and tertiary institutions. It contains a comprehensive treatment of topics on study habit problem. The suggestion on overcoming poor study habit, when followed carefully will lead readers in the right direction. Study skills training can be effective in reducing the poor study habit of High/tertiary school students to the barest minimum. The acquisition of study skills training may effect positive change in the students'' manner of studying. Therefore, there are several implications that arise from the result of this study. The findings will serve as a guide in the formulation of future modification of educational policies, curriculum and strategies toward a more effective delivery of learning.

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