Management of Marketing Mix

The Case of Kombolcha Textile Share Company
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Even though the emergence and expansion of textile manufacturing in Ethiopia was initiated around the year 1925, the majority of textile factories were not well established until and after the 1950s. Much of the factories are still publicly controlled. The industry focuses largely on the domestic market. The main problems are related with globalization and competition in the local and international market. The sector can only play its role properly and become competitive when it improves its product quality, productivity, pricing strategy, machinery conditions and the general marketing activities. Improving the quality of cotton is the essential factor to improve the quality of fabrics and yarns in the factory. In marketing, the brand name is the major selling tool and one of the most important components of product personality. Public - private partnership may be the recommended solution for problems prevail in the textile sector. This book gives conceptual framework of marketing mix elements and should be especially useful to organizations engaged in textile investment to be competent in the international market, or anyone else who is professional in textile marketing.

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