Handbook of Flood Loss Assessment Methods in Non-agricultural Sectors

A case study of Bangladesh
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K. M. Nabiul Isalm
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This handbook, first of its kind in a developing country like Bangladesh, is the updated version of author's doctoral research carried out at the Flood Hazard Research Centre, Middlesex University, London. The research examines the applicability of the existing advanced-countries oriented methods of urban flood loss assessments from developing country perspectives, and develops methods suitable for Bangladesh. An important contribution of the research is the construction of standard flood loss database. The handbook is mainly intended for use by water and regional authority to facilitate flood loss assessments both at the micro and the macro level; the methods developed and the standard damage data sets constructed may be used as a guide to appraise flood protection schemes. The knowledge of potential vulnerability of various economic sectors will contribute towards a rational allocation of resources in a flood-ravaged economy. Such information can be used as a sound basis for calculated actions, such as flood mitigation, emergency preparedness, selection and prioritisation of urban protection schemes. In effect, this will contribute towards a better flood plain management.

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