Teachers' Perception and Practice of Continuous Assessment

Empirical evidence from Biology classes at High Schools in Some Selected locations in Eastern Ethiopia
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This study is aimed at investigating the perception and practices of high school biology teachers on continuous assessment. The multiple linear regression model results revealed that the practice of continuous assessment was determined by various factors. Additional training, lecture method of teaching, additional incentives and plasma instruction had a significant influence on the practice of continuous assessment, where as class size, school facilities, performance level of students, job satisfaction and achievement motivation did not have a significant effect. With regard to the perception, the results revealed that most biology teachers viewed continuous assessment as an assessment strategy that is beyond testing though they do not use a variety of assessment techniques in their biology teaching. Moreover, the findings indicated that continuous assessment has not been fully practiced in high school biology teaching yet as desired. To overcome this, it was suggested that on the-job training about the concept and the methods of CA and incentives to biology teachers as a means of motivation should be given prior attention.

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