Induced effect of pesticide permethrin and biosal on agama lizard

Neem extract base formulation biosal, cholinesterase and proteinic activity, liver and kidney, agama lizard
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Dr. Muhammad Zaheer Khan
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Pesticides have harmful effects on biodiversity. The present study was included the induced effects of permethrin and Biosal, against Agama lizard. It was observed that at the dose of 0.1% and 1% permethrin treated lizards, a total reduction in protein contents was found to be 42, 53% in kidney and 7.4, 10% in liver respectively. In the case of Biosal, animals were treated with 25 and 50% concentration and 0.36, 3.56% in kidney and 1.68, 2.2% in liver, protein content reduction was observed respectively, as compared to the control. The cholinesterase was found to be inhibited by 17, 19% in kidney and 18, 24% in liver, respectively, when the animals were treated with permethrin at aforesaid doses. In the case of biosal, inhibition of cholinesterase was found as13.6, 18% in kidney and 39.52, 56.21% in liver, respectively. The permethrin and biosal are toxic to lizards. It is therefore, suggested that biosal could be a better pesticide if used at lower doses as compared to permethrin. The research techniques and information are helpful for graduate and research students of Biological Sciences, Environment and wildlife managers.

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