How Much Education Corruption Costs?

An analytical review of the state and costs of education corruption in Ethiopia: a particular emphasis on Adama University
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Education is a human right. For people, it may often be the only way to escape a life of poverty; for nations, it is crucial to development and growth. Corrupt practices at universities directly contradict these concepts, destroying the trust that is necessary to the development of communities. Corruption in higher learning institutions manifests itself in the forms of sexual harassment, personal favoritism, corrupted procurement , corrupted HRM, , ghost teachers, students and workers, selling and buying grades, racism cheating and plagiarism, (to name a few).The causes identified for corruption ranges from low income level to degraded moral value. The prevalence of corruption also found to cost education quality at institution level and also has severe economic and socio-political cots. At the same time, education is a unique sector, as it is central in preventing corruption. The most rigorous laws and regulations and effectively-run institutions will not be enough to prevent corruption unless citizens actively demand accountability from government and public institutions as with corruption, for sure everyone pays!

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