Seroprevalence and outbreak investigation of FMD in Tigray

Seroprevalence and outbreak investigation of FMD
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In Ethiopia a lot of work has been conducted in the southern parts and central part of the country regarding the sero prevalence and outbreak investigation of foot and mouth disease virus for many years but in the study site there is lack of information regarding the surveillance of the disease due to lack of trained manpower and lack of facility which are necessary to conduct the research as a result the country is facing difficulty to have national data for taking corrective measures as a result this research which was conducted in the northern part will fulfill the gap arose by the ministry of agriculture regarding the animal health. Since the disease affects export of live animals and animal products the book will give a clue for taking corrective measures so as to limit the disease because the region is bordering to Eritrea and Sudan where there is movement of livestock and their products which can easily transmit the disease from one area to another area. Finally it serves as source of information for further investigation of the disease using appropriate diagnostic tools so as to take correcive measures.

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