Mokhafisi Jacob Kena

Celebrating the Life of a Communist, Leader and Teacher - A Reference for Political Scholars and Students in the New Millennium
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S'khulumi Ntsoaole
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S''khulumi Ntsoaole is one of the many students of Jacob Mokhafisi Kena. He met Jacob in 1980 and has since become very close to him and has learned a lot regarding the politics of the left. After high school he enrolled at The National Teachers Training College in Maseru and obtained a Secondary Teachers Certificate. He enrolled at the University of Newcastle Upon Type in England for a Diploma in Educational Management & at University of Massachusetts in the United States where he completed his Bachelor of Arts with Educational Management and lastly University of Bath in England and obtained a Master of Arts with Education Management. While abroad Skhulumi got involved in the ANC and Young Communist Leagues at Newcastle-upon-Tyne England and Massachusetts. While at the University of Massachusetts, he met the CPUSA General Secretary Chris Hall at CPUSA Headquarters in New York in 1989. While at Massachusetts, he was also involved in campus politics. He co-founded in FreeSac organization of Southern African Students to inform Americans about apartheid. He was also elected president of African Students Association at University of Massachusetts - USA.

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