Solid Waste Management Problems and the Role of Stakeholders

A case study on household solid waste management in Arada Sub-city: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Hailemariam A Shibeshi
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Solid Waste Management seems a persistent problem to Addis Ababa. As a matter of fact, inadequate SWM service is assumed to be the result of weak management, insufficient finance, low level of stakeholders involvement, etc. Weak management of solid waste eventually leads to environmental pollution, which means the contamination of air, water and soil by materials that interfere with human health, the quality of life and nature. Like the sources for solid waste are many, the problems of SWM service in Addis Ababa city are also multi-dimensional and so serious that they deserve studies. Therefore, this study has tried to assess the performance of the SWM service delivery of Arada Sub-city and evaluate the related challenges and prospects from different perspectives. Particular emphasis has been given to the household SWM problems and the roles of stakeholders in the service. In light of the above-mentioned points, an attempt has been made to address and examine the major management problems that are pertinent to the inadequacy of SWM service delivery and the role of stakeholders in SWM service within Arada Sub-city.

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