Application of ICT in Managing Sales

Use Information Technology to improve your business
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Simeon Mushimiyimana
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Application of ICT in Managing Sales offers students as well as other software developers a good understand on how to design implement and report a software application. Initially, the work is done as an IT Project carried for a given company and from specific software requirements in which the following services needed to be implemented and function as specified in the said requirements. Services that the system offers are: Manage Customer information Manage Staff information Manage Product information Manage Sales information Manage Returned product Manage Feedback Manage Reports In Business, customer is an epicenter of every company to succeed, sales bring money and thus increase the company s Measurable Organization Value (MOV), Product or Service is to be sold and all to be done Staff is needed. The information concerning all elements above need to be kept properly, in secured and organized way. To respond to this, we have come up with this book. The use of resources assigned to an Project need to be regularly reported This book also teaches how to produce a system user guide document.

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