Interview Skills- 21 major steps

This book will teach you what you should prepare,how you should master the new styles of interviews which can win you the job of your choice
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Teenna Sawhney
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Have you ever thought why you did not get a job after an important interview?Candidates often wonder why they did not get a job after an important interview.Keeping this in view the author has endeavored to write the present book in a very simple language.It will prove to be a good guide for all job admission and promotion seekers irrespective of their discipline or the industry of their interest and choice.It talks about new Interview Styles which will give insight to the reader and give them all the answers that will help them win a good job for themselves.This book contains 21 Topics including Various Interview Strategies Attitudes and Aptitudes for Interviews Competency based Interviews Negotiations Employable Skills Resume Gaps and Facing International Interviews etc.Today even good employers have changed their styles of Interviews to select the best.Therefore job seekers should learn all about Interviews including the Competence based ones which guide you to recognize the value of knowledge skills traits and abilities that you and the employers require.This book will provide the candidate a successful plan to help him sail even through the most difficult Interview.

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