Science Of Philosophy Volume 1

A new insight into Philosophy
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Sandeep Sharma
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It is the basic inherited feature of human beings to aspire for knowledge and all human beings are born philosophers, as every one of us has our own perspective to look upon the Truth. A system or a particular feature of any system, when seen from the perspective of philosophy, appears different from different angles and therefore philosophers have varying opinions for a same truth. This leads to disparity in approach of comprehending the true nature of the system. When a certain system is examined through science, its non-uniformity ceases and only the true nature, the heart of the truth, is seen and understood. Thus science, through its systematic and vivid approach towards the subject of study, produces the highest order of refinement to bring out the finest form. This beauty of science is used in this book to explain the intricate philosophy of Truth, Knowledge, Beauty, etc. along with significant features of Indian philosophy such as the concept of Supreme Brahman and a Human being. The book will be useful to the aspirer of Truth as well as to those who love to understand Philosophy in the easiest and most comprehensive way.

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