Signs of Mid-Life

Images from the Contemporary Australian Mid-Life MalePsyche
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Peter Sorenson
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220x150x11 mm
The drive within men for individual transformation
and growth is too often hidden. Men search to be ideally masculine, ie capable of intimacy and
vulnerability as well as being vital, decisive,
confident and strong, while also grappling with the
malaise and inner disturbances that frequently occur
during mid-life. This work seeks some answers to the
perennial question of what is a rich and sustaining
inner life? Exploring images from the psyche of five
mid-life males, it examines the contribution to
transformation made through the embodiment of images
from dreams, fantasies, stories and emotions.
Reflecting on these images from the psyche, the
author proposes that perhaps a realization of
self-knowledge, definition and purpose is the key to
the richness of life. Referring to divergent theories
of psychology, art therapy and philosophy of
aesthetics, this multi-method case study contributes
subjective, empirical, theoretical and embodied data
that engages, informs and enables deeper
understanding of the richness of images from the
contemporary mid-life Western-orientated male. As
such it is essential reading for all those concerned
with issues of inner life and well being.

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