Digicrimination - Those are the Good Times

A New Type of Discrimination That Came with Digitization
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H. Okan Tansu
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Digital identity - The disappointment of intellectual elites - The intersection point that transforms humanity - Technological speed vs. real speed - A new discrimination: Digicrimination - The new concept that evaluates digital usage instead of intelligence: ICTIQ - The new face of social intelligence - CBD (Chip Based Devices) - Ideas sharpened in the virtual world - Digital Ghetto - Digital Schizophrenia - Screen Addiction - Changing economic ecosystem and neuromarketing - Caution for your identity in the digital world while looking for jobs - Rise of online employment platforms - digital identity vs. real identity - CBDs that create your emotional profile - New dynamics in employment - Digital Games - Journey of music in digital - Digital passwords and the new concept of security - Transition to global governance through digital campaigns -Social media that articulates feelings - Sustainability of clean energy - A new lifestyle - 3D Printer that made our dreams come true - Drones - Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and commercial logistics - The game is being reset by virtual reality
Our society is highly effected by the digital revolution. This book describes with examples and new concepts the discrimination created by the Digital World at different layers of the society. The author analyzes the new technological ecosystem with components like the Digital Ghetto and describes the measures which need to be taken in the future. He evaluates this new digital world focusing on several aspects of social relations and lifestyles. The book also analyzes the mistakes made while entering the Information Age. Furthermore, the author answers the question if human society is ready for the amenities of services like Social Media, e-learning, energy and self-driving cars or if they actually make our lives more difficult and complicated.